Not Me Monday - Crying it Out

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Emilio has come to point in his little life that I dread the most. I call it the "your old enough to sleep through the night and comfort yourself" stage. Which unfortunately for me he has to "cry it out" to get himself to sleep. Now, I would never just decide spur of the moment on Saturday night that tonight is the night to "cry it out", nope, not me. My moment of brilliance was not brought on by my complete lack of sleep the night before. Or by the fact that I simply did not have the patience to deal with waking up every two to six hours. I would never force my husband to stay with me and sleep on the floor of Emilio's room while he "cried it out" for over an hour. OVER AN HOUR. I also did not allow myself to get a little sleepy and really start to drown out Emilio's cries, not me. I wouldn't feel the slightest bit guilty about that either, nope, not me.

Last night went a little smoother, I must say. Emilio only "cried it out" for about fifteen minutes. But then he settled on a new tactic. Staring at me on the floor, just waiting for me to make the slightest bit of movement that would prove I was still awake. I would never pretend to sleep to avoid the stare of my needy child, not me. After about ten minutes of silence I began to wonder just what was going on, because I was certain it wasn't sleep. I carefully rolled over in sleep like pattern on the floor and peered up into the crib. There was my sweet Emilio, sitting up against the back of the crib staring at me, or at least in my direction. I would never just continue to fake sleep, and wonder what exactly is going through that little head of his, not me. Another five minutes goes by and I hear a little bit of noise. I gently raise my head and discover my little guy, still sitting up, bobbing and weaving his head - fighting with all his might to stay in an upright position. I would never laugh at my child while I watched his head bop up and down over and over again, because that would be cruel, nope not me. Finally when I was done laughing about how silly he looked I took the risk and laid him down.

Finally, asleep at last.


Foursons said…
I did the "cry it out" method for my own sanity too. Poor Jakob cried for over 2 hours the first night, 1 1/2 hours the 2nd night, and by the 4th night things were wonderful. It took a lot of will-power but I kept getting sucked into the crying because he wanted some attention but didn't NEED anything and I was completely worn out with zero patience and hubby was out of town and could not relieve me. It was necessary and I never regretted it.
blueviolet said…
That was too funny! I did the same thing and in my case, by night two, she got it. It's the best thing I ever did.
Helene said…
That's hysterical!! I love when they're trying so hard to hold their little heads up and their eyes keep closing but they refuse to go down without a fight!!

I remember those CIO days like they were yesterday. It was tough to get through but SOOOOO worth it in the end!! Hang in there....stick to it! You'll be happy you did!