Not Me Monday - Public Restroom Style

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

My past week of traveling has given me a not so wonderful refresher course on the use of public bathrooms. I have without a doubt decided that airport bathrooms are some of the nastiest bathrooms out there. It was not me that was totally disgusted when I finally got my turn in line to go only to discover that I got to use the toilet that was previously used by a hover pee-er in training. No wonder the chick that came out of the stall avoided making eye contact with me! She knew that in a matter of minutes that I would be cleaning up her drippings because her nasty ass just left them on the seat! I did not just quickly clean it up and then double layer the seat with two toilet seat covers just so I could pee. You would think that cleaning up pee would come easy to me after potty training Benji this last year - but nope, not me! I kinda wanna gag when I clean up a strangers pee. SO GROSS!

On top of just the over all grossness of the airport bathrooms you can't help but think about the countless women going in and out of the bathroom all day long - and the last time that the toilet your choosing to use was cleaned. Not to mention the horrible God awful smell that eminates throughout the entire restroom. For some reason after leaving the hellhole they call a bathroom I feel dirtier after walking out than walking in. Its at these moments I ache for the clean safety of my house.

I have to say though, through all the various and icky bathrooms I had the displeasure of coming across last week, including but not limited to - Chinatown, hotel lobby bathrooms, Academy of Sciences public bathroom (which was actually kind of cool), the absolute worst were the bathrooms at Six Flags Discovery Park. I actually think that these bathrooms see more traffic than an airport. The discolored cement floors that probably have a decades worth of filth engrained in them are the icing on the cake. I would never feel guilty about wasting toilet seat covers by placing three on the top of the toilet, nope not me!

Needless to say, I am glad to be back. In the comforts of my own bathroom. At least I know who frequents the bathrooms at my house!


ModernMom said…
LOL Sometimes its the little things, like resting our butts on our own seats, that bring us joy!
Jennifer said…
Eeeewwwwwwwww! I hear you and been there. *shudder*
C said…
What i hate is when people leave the used paper seat cover on the toilet after they're done. So let me get this straight- you're (and by you I mean the generic you, not YOU) too good to put your butt on the seat, but it's okay by you if I touch your dirty seat cover? Gee, thanks. So much for sisterhood.
Veronica Lee said…
Ewwwwww! I totally loathe icky public restrooms!
Helene said…
Ugh, yuck...I hate public bathrooms!! I know what you mean about feeling dirtier coming out of the bathroom than when you went in.

We were just at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom last week!!! And I have to agree with you on the bathrooms....what's funny though is that I always see workers in there "cleaning" yet the bathrooms still seem dirty and smelly.