Wordless Wednesday - Giraffe Lovin'

When we were in San Francisco we took a day trip to the Six Flags Discovery Park. We checked out some of the cool animals in the park. Giraffes were among them, however we were shocked and apauled at just how horny and gross these giraffes were. So naturally I became a giraffe gay porn photographer. Enjoy! Or run away in horror, you decide... Just be glad that I couldn't get a clear shot of the two males drinking the female's urine - as it was coming out!

Your Welcome!

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LiLu said…

That totally just made my humpday. :-)
Jennifer said…
AHAHAHAAA!!! ROTFLMBO! How 'lucky' are you to get to document animal hormones in action?!
Foursons said…
to make collages i use www.picnik.com
Leane said…
Wow is right!

Did you have to explain to the kids?
Felicia said…
Oh man.. I did not need to see that! LOL!
Ugh! I'm so glad you didn't get the urine picture!
On one trip to our local zoo, we got to see the giant tortoises doing the same thing. It was near Halloween, and one guy near us says to his wife, "Hey honey, let's go to the party as tortoises instead!!"
blueviolet said…
What a bunch of pervs those giraffes are. I've lost any respect I had for them. ;)