How the Economy Has Messed With My Face

Back in the days before I had kids, I was a perfectly coiffed and made up kind of gal. I had manicures and pedicures every two weeks, my hair cut and foiled religiously and best of all, my eyebrows waxed on an extremely regular basis.

The day that I found out I was pregnant I decided to ditch the acrylic nails. The thought of changing a diaper and getting poop stuck under one of them grossed this germaphobe out to no end. Not to mention the fact that I knew my nails would grow like crazy and I would have to get the darn things filled more often - an expense I did not want considering a new little bambino was on the way. I have learned to love my natural nails now, but I still think back to how pretty my hands looked way back then every time I see a woman with a perfect french manicure.

Regular hair cuts and foils were next to go. My hair grows pretty slowly, so it wasn't that big of a deal to wait to get my hair cut every 6-8 months instead of 3-4. Same with the grow out. Luckily I didn't ever go too drastically different from my original color and it wasn't too horrible to see the highlights a little further down from the roots than I like.

Then came the pedicures. I love, love, love getting pedicures. I can never get my husband to massage my feet so this is a total treat for me. But because with the ever expanding family that I have going on I decided that it was a luxury that I would do without. Once a year was good for me. Just kidding, no, no its not. I may only find the time once a year but I am working on changing that, hopefully soon.

Lastly to go was the eyebrow waxing. I would get my eyebrows waxed once a month, and then just do the occassional upkeep until the next appt. One month turned into three, then into six and now it is nonexistant. Unlike the other luxuries, I absolutely HATE living without this! Thankfully I don't super caterpillar brows but I do like them shaped in a certain way. Maintaining them is a daily chore, that I hate! Oh, how I hate the tweezers!

If I don't pluck away all the frickin' time my eyebrows will slowly grow to look something like this:

Instead of looking something like this:

I guess I should be thankful though that I am a woman so my eyebrows will never, ever look like this:



Felicia said…
Ok.. that last picture is just creepin me out! I know what you mean, I used to have my hair highlighted all the time... not anymore!
Foursons said…
That last picture is so gross. And yes, we give up all kinds of luxuries when we have children. *sigh*
Jennifer said…
LMBO!!! So, so, sooooo true! I totally know what you're talking about! LOL!
Veronica Lee said…
I couldn't agree more.
The last pic is scary!!
blueviolet said…
I have given all of that up too, except for the hair coloring. I need to go about every 3-4 weeks because my hair grows lightning quick, but I stretch it to 6 weeks to save money.

The rest of me, I've let fall apart.
Leane said…
I started laughing at the title in my email....then it just got funnier!!
Your kids don't care about your mani or pedi, really, but definitely don't let your brows get like either of those two men or you will traumatize your whole family!!


This was a great post. I know I feel like this since I have had a child, and I am sure plenty of moms share this sentiment!
Thanks for a great laugh, PPM!!!