Video Thursday #3 - Hilarious Perverted Kid

Pretty Pink Momma

Welcome to the third edition of Video Thursday! This week I went for another funny YouTube video that's been going around. I would love if you want to help spread the word about Video Thursday and participate. Just grab the Video Thursday button on my sidebar and post one of your favorite videos, either personal or one circulating around the web. Don't forget to link up so I can check out your video!

This is a hilarious perverted kid talking about Vanessa Hudgins from High School Musical. I hope that it was set up as a joke as it claims, if not if I were his mother I would worry. Well, I guess it depends how old he is - but he doesn't look that old!


Helene said…
I saw this on The Soup the other night and it was hilarious!!! I do hope it was a joke, like you said, because the thought of a little boy being that perverted is disturbing, even though it was kinda entertaining!
Jennifer said…
If I was this kid's mom, he'd be locked up FOREVER! LOL! Who the...? What the...? Where do they learn to act like GUYS this early on?!? Tell me! Teeeeell meeeee!