Video Thursday - Kid Gets Gassed at the Dentist

Pretty Pink Momma

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My neighbors told me about this video yesterday so I had to see it. Its so funny! Thanks Tammy and Crystal :)


Night Owl Mama said…
I've seen that not only on the owner of the video's blog but on Television too. Supeer funny but scary too. Thanks for commenting on WW

and for commenting on my Home is in the heart post. Mulitple comments are excepted on that post so feel free to run on back an leave me another. Deeply appreciated
Thank so much.
Jennifer said…
Yeees! This video is hilarious. And of course, crazy! I'm sure that little kid was freaked out, being so high like that! LOL!
Tammy B said…
I am so glad that was not my experience at the DDS yesterday...we told you would get a good laugh!