Zhu Zhu Pet Hamster Party Review

My kids love pets, but unfortunately, we just don't have the time that is required to take care of anything other than our fish. If the fish could talk, I'm sure that it would strongly agree, that our family is awful at caring for pets. My husband is just as bad as the kids too. He always wants new pets and when he gets them he neglects them to the fullest simply because he is way too busy working more than 70+ hours per week. Just ask the hermit crabs that we had, notice I said HAD.

So naturally I was thrilled when I learned that I was one of the lucky few chosen to host a Zhu Zhu Pet Party to celebrate the release of these cute and curious little pet hamsters. For those that have not seen the commercials and have no idea what I am talking about, let me fill you in. Zhu Zhu Pets are small, life-like electronic hamsters that claim to have unique personalities. The Zhu Zhu Pets are all about the fun of having a hamster without the responsibility of cleaning up after it our feeding it. They have two modes, Loving Mode and Explore Mode. In Loving Mode they squeak and chatter while being pet and loved. In Explore Mode they scoot and wheel around on the floor or through their habitat. Sounds perfect for my family right?

Well, true enough the Zhu Zhu hamsters are the perfect little pets for my kids! To celebrate these cute little guys my neighbor and I co-hosted a Zhu Zhu Pet Party for all of the neighborhood kids. There were eleven children, my three and eight others from around the neighborhood. Each child received a Zhu Zhu Pet Hamster of their very own. We were also provided with a city, or habitat, for the hamsters to scoot around in as well as some really fun accessories like a hamster ball, a car and a couple of surf boards. The kids were so excited to play with their hamsters. They all had seen the commercials and couldn't wait to get started.

Once all of us parents got the city built and ready to go it was a flurry of activity as the kids took turns placing their hamsters in the tunnels. I have to say that one of the first things that I noticed about how the kids played with the hamsters was that they simply had fun loving on them just they way they were. No accessories needed. The kids just loved to watch them run around and make their cute little noises. I think one of the novelties about them is that they are all different, but the same. Below are some pictures of the kids enjoying their new found friends.

We were provided with four different types of hamsters: white - Chunk, yellow - Pipsqueak, brown - Squiggles and grey - Numnums. The older kids paid attention to the names, but I still think that most wanted to rename them. Which, I don't blame them. Part of the fun of having a pet is being able to give it a name. For me, I think that this is the only real flaw in the Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters.

The most amazing thing about the Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters is that they appeal to a wide age range and boys and girls alike. At our party we had five boys and five girls. the age ranges were from 4-10. All of the kids were happy with their hamsters. With the imaginative play and versatility that these hamsters create, I think that Zhu Zhu Pets could be this generations version of a Cabbage Patch Kid.

Here is an awesome video of all the kids racing their Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters. It was really fun and pretty hilarious to watch them cheer their pets on.

All in all, this was a great experience. The parents of the children that were invited let me know the next morning that the newness of the hamsters had not worn off. They also said that their kids ended up making little homes out of cardboard boxes as well as their own habitats for the hamsters to roam. One of my favorite things about these pets is that you don't need all the fancy accessories to have a good time. Parents can know that their kids will enjoy their pets with or without all of the cool accessories.

Zhu Zhu Pet Hamsters, you get a big thumbs up in my book! To learn more about these fun new toys visit the Zhu Zhu Pet Website.

*Thanks to MomSelect for this great opportunity!


Leane said…
I would love to have some of these for my son, as well. What mom wouldn't love a pet that doesn't need for you to clean up after it.....I know I have enough cleaning up to do just with my kid!
Great review. The party looked like it was so much fun!
Betty N said…
My concern is still that my grandkids will want all the cool accessories like they did with littlest pet shop, polly pockets, etc so I haven't yet bought them any of these.