Video Thursday - Drunkest Guy Ever Gets More Beer

Pretty Pink Momma

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Check the time stamp on the video, its a shocking 10:30ish in the AM! I can't even believe that those guys were planning on sending him on his way - they should have called the cops for sure. This guy must be seriously embarrassed that this was blasted all over the net, I know I would be.


Eli's Lids said…
WOW! My hubby and I just watching the whole thing and I can't believe that!! I'm going to bookmark your video thursday. I hope to be involved soon!!
blueviolet said…
OMG! I wonder who the lucky lady is!
They showed this on our local news. Hubs and I were DYING laughing! Yet, I find it sad as well...
LOL BlueViolet!! If she was drinking with him, she was probably passed out before he got home.