Birthday Bash Winner Update

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Just wanted to let everyone know that Sarah Osborne, who was the winner of the Ultimate Birthday Gift Giveaway has gotten back to me and claimed her prize.

I always randomly select the winner for all of my giveaways and this was no exception. Sarah enters a ton of my giveaways on an ongoing basis and just actually won the Sugarhouse Ink giveaway last week. She is super sweet and it made my day to find out that the winner of the Ultimate Birthday Gift Giveaway was one of my regular readers.

Here's what I really wanted to share with you about Sarah which adds a little special twist as to why I think that she was fated to win. As you know I had to put off the drawing of the winner until today due to my own crazy circumstances. I emailed Sarah to let her know that she was the winner, like all of my winners, and I was so shocked to find out her response.

In fact, today is Sarah's actual 21st Birthday! So how cool is it that she won the Ultimate Birthday Gift Giveaway on her actual birthday! Not to mention the fact that I ran this whole Birthday Bash because I was having a milestone birthday. Sarah is having a milestone birthday of her own!

Anyways, I think that the cosmos secretly had it planned for her to win because all the randomness that happened to me that delayed the date until today is just plain funny that a winner would be picked with all of the surrounding circumstances.

Well, Happy Birthday Sarah! I hope that you enjoy all of your winnings and celebrate hard core for your 21st. Enjoy all of your Birthday Gift Giveaway swag. I hope that winning this giveaway helps contribute to a 21st birthday that you won't ever forget.

Live it up!


Kidazy said…
How awesome is that!! Happy birthday Sarah!
Sarah Osborne said…
Aw, that is so sweet of you to write a post about my birthday Kimberly! I just finished my own blog post about my birthday and included the fact that I won your incredible giveaway (with a link to your blog so that my friends will come check it out!).

Thank you again!!! That was possibly the most excited I've ever been :) Talk about the best b-day gift ever!