Laptop is still on the fritz but ....

Thanks so much to all of you that are patiently awaiting me to announce winners of giveaways and all other interesting bloggy stuff.

Needless to say it has been like I have been in a blog rehab, dying to get my next fix. I wish that I could say that my laptop was fixed but unfortunately I am still awaiting a very crucial piece of the puzzle before it can be fixed. I ordered a external hard drive so I can transfer all of my pictures and documents from my old hard drive to my new one, that was supposed to arrive within two days. It is still in transit and not scheduled to arrive until the 3rd. So, I am seriously pulling out my hair trying to figure out all the commitments that I have going on and which ones can be postponed and which can't. By the time I get my laptop up and running again I will be probably need to go into posting overdrive.

As for the Dirty Thirty Bash it is still extended and I have decided to extend it until I can get the last three donors featured. My goal is to have it all finished up by next Sunday, November 8th - if not before. I have decided not to draw a winner of the Ultimate Birthday Gift Giveaway until all features have been posted. Which also means I will accept any entries until all the donors have been featured. I apologize to those who are anxiously awaiting the announcement of the winner, but I feel that this way is the best way to be fair to those giveaway donors that are patiently awaiting their features.

Unfortunately for me my desktop computer pooped out a couple of months ago so now that my laptop has pooped out too it has left me without any means of getting onto the internet except by Wii. Yes, many of noticed, I posted one small blog post by way of Wii. Surfing the net by Wii is great if you don't have a lot of typing to do. I am so glad that I am able to check my emails or I would really be in a tizzy! Replying to emails by Wii is horrible though. Using the pointer to hunt and peck for the letters and words, well, sucks. It is worse than texting because your wrist gets sore from all the pointing and clicking. I would not recommend it to anyone but it is an awesome alternative if you are in a bind like I am right now. Not all sites are compatible with the Wii though. Thankfully blogger is so I can get into it without a problem and post check on things. The biggest problem for me is that there is no way to cut and paste with the Wii. I don't know what it looks like for you when you start a new post, but for me there is a whole bunch of random html that I cut out first and then start my post. To get rid of it with the Wii, like when I made that post by Wii the other day, I had to hold my finger on the backspace key for about twenty minutes to get rid of all of it before I could start. My biggest problem is probably because I am doing all my typing with the Wii remote. You can purchase a keyboard which would have solved a ton of my problems but I just don't see the point because my laptop will be fixed shortly.

Thankfully I was able to get the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Diamond Edition review posted thanks to my husband. He let me hang out at his store after hours and use the company computers. My hubs works at a tire center so it was his job to watch the kids run around and mess with the tires while I blogged. Thankfully he understands how important the commitments that I make are and was willing to watch the kids seeing that I committed to the post deadline and did not want to disappoint. The boys were really disgusting though by the time we got out of there. All three had black hands from touching every tire in the store. So gross.

Today, since I am at work, I am trying to get as much done as possible seeing as I have unlimited access to a working computer in the middle of the day! I plan to post a giveaway, post a couple winners and then get whatever else I can get accomplished.

Thanks to everyone who is patiently waiting for me to get things under control again. I am working on it. I wish my husband had normal hours and I was able to go to the library and post if need be. In our case though he usually doesn't even get home from work until about eight o'clock at night which doesn't allow much time to get anything done :(

Also, on a sidenote, if you are like me and never thought to back up your pics and docs before YOU SHOULD. I always figured that my laptop was relatively new so I could put it off and wait. I wish that I had thought to back up the pics before. Now I am in a crunch trying to make sure that I get all of the pics that I have taken of my kids over the last few years. I had even downloaded and copied pictures from our old computer into my laptop - so really there are pics from five years ago saved on it. I would be devastated if I lost those pics, they are truly irreplaceable. My advice, if you haven't backed up your hard drive, you really, really should.


blueviolet said…
I'm so sorry for all your problems!
dor said…
Oh, I have been there. All will fall into always does. In the meantime...breath.

dorcontest at gmail dot com