Mom Sends the Message! Stop Distracted Driving and Win a Laptop too!

As a multitasking mom I am super busy, as are you. We all know that we are the best example for our children. I know that I try my best, but I am only human and I am bound to slip up once in awhile. One thing that I have pledged not to waiver on is keeping my mind on the wheel when driving. No texting while driving, period. After all, this is just as serious as drunk driving.

TheMotherhood has initiated this PSA, Moms Sends the Message, to get as many moms as possible to join them in reducing distracted driving. I have become one of the Mom Sends the Message Embassadors in order to help them get as many pledges as possible. Here is some great info taken from the Mom Sends the Message site:

Keep Your Mind on the Wheel SIGN THE PLEDGE!

Our Pledge

Driving while distracted can be more dangerous than driving drunk.

As moms, we want safer roads.

We know the time has come for us all to recognize the risks of distracted driving, to be more responsible and to mind the wheel.

Here is what we pledge:

We pledge to model safe behavior when we drive.

We pledge to set firm house rules on texting and phoning while driving.

We pledge to help spread the word on the dangers of distracted driving.

Here is what we ask for:

We ask for the dangers of distracted driving to be included in drivers’ education classes.

We ask for innovations in technology to help solve the problem.

We ask for laws to make it illegal to text and drive.

We ask for enforcement of existing distracted driving laws and consequences when the laws are broken.

By working together we will make everyone safer.

If you sign the pledge by noon EST Monday November 16th, you will be entered to win one of THREE Mini Dell Laptops that they have to giveaway!

To enter the random drawing (with a deadline of Monday, November 16 at noon EST) entrants must do the following things:

1) Sign the Pledge against distracted driving

2) Twitter about the pledge and/or the Mini Dell contest USING the #sendthemsg tag (that is the way we will find you!) Possible twitters could be --

a) "Sign the Pledge to Keep your Mind on the Wheel! #SendtheMsg" or
b) "Stop Distracted Driving and win a laptop too! #SendtheMsg

4) BONUS: Anyone who blogs about Mom Sends the Message, the Pledge and/or the contest gets entered TWICE. Just send a link to your post to by Monday, November 16th at noon.

When you sign up be sure to grab some of the awesome buttons that they have created to help you spread the word.

Thats it! I hope that you take the pledge and also spread the word about Mom Sends the Message. A great example to set for your kids that are into texting or for those as young as mine that will one day be completely immersed in this super techno crazed world that we live in.


Drive said…
The mobile application of gives me the freedom not to touch the mobile phone when receiving text messages. I decide when to use mobile rather than catching up with the incoming messages.