Video Thursday - Agressive Soccer Girl

Sorry it has taken me so long to get up this weeks Video Thursday. We had a pretty big windstorm last night and the power was out for the night. Thank God that it came back on before the kids had to get up and get ready for school!


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What does everyone think of this aggressive soccer player? She seems pretty cut throat to me!


Tammy said…
Hey night owl...what time did our power go out??? I know it was back on by 5:30 when hubby got up. This girl looks mean! I have seen this before...I wouldn't want to be in her way!
Helene said…
I saw this on the news the other day and I could NOT believe it. I can't believe the referee or her coach didn't sit her out of the game. There has to be some kind of punishment for her behavior!
blueviolet said…
And then she had the nerve to try to say that that's not who she is. Well, yes it is. We saw you on the video it WAS you.
Jennifer said…
I saw this on the news. She is a pathetic sportswoman! If she was abusing MY kid on the field, I'D be on that video! LOL!