What's Your Favorite Kind of Rain Boot? Here are some great new styles and some super comfy socks from Karen Neuburger that pair perfectly with them!

If you read my Music Monday post than you know I have rain on the brain. It has been raining literally everyday for almost a week or two straight. I'm not kidding. Growing up in the Northwest rain is just a normal everyday occurrence for us and you get used to it. I think that's why I never really owned a pair of rain boots. Can you believe it? I know when I was younger I thought that they were the dorkiest things ever and would rather have wet feet any day over looking like a dork. Now that I'm all grown, I have turned the other cheek and now I think that these boots are actually pretty chic!

Being a SAHM during the week it is one of my duties to get the kids to and from the bus stop - rain or shine. I started noticing all of the other moms at the bus stop, were smart enough to show up in rain boots and umbrellas - believe it or not, two things I didn't have. That just goes to show how used to the rain I am, I just never worry about it too much. If I get wet, no biggie. That was until I realized that I was standing out there for ten to fifteen minutes, (most of the time in my pjs) only to come back inside and have to change my pants and dry off my feet. Last year I finally got myself an umbrella to keep my head dry, this year its time to invest in a fantastic pair of rain boots.

I don't want just any old rain boots either. If I'm buying rain boots I'm gonna make darn sure that they are awesome so I can feel confident wearing them not only to the bus stop but around town on all the rainy days. I want to look like a mom that's got it together and not one that's falling apart, if you know what I mean. While I'm at it I might as well throw in a super cozy and warm pair of socks that will keep my feet warm in addition to them being dry. The one major concern for rain boots is warmth. I have heard other women talking about their toes are dry but freezing. I definitely can't stand my feet being cold.

Here are some different styles of boots and socks that go with them that I am considering.

Slosh through puddles or take on knee-deep snow with mid-calf, waterproof wellies. Hunter, the innovator in high quality rain boots, has now come out with the matching socks to fit perfectly inside of its original style. Tuck them inside a pair, fold them over the top or wear them solo while lounging around the house – these socks add an easy extra layer of warmth for any occasion.

Grab a stacked-heel boot with a cute pattern and make a fashion statement out of it! Whether you are wearing them indoors or outdoors, put the perfect sock underneath. These KN Karen Neuburger Chenille Socks ($15) are the perfect height, completely covering the ankle without sticking out of the top of the boot! And, they are super soft, with rubber grippers on the soles to make sure you aren’t slipping and sliding in and out of the rain!

I was given a pair of these super comfy socks for review and they are awesome! Perfect for lounging around the house in. If I had these rain boots I would definitely wear these socks with them.

Ankle Boot

Ride out the storms with fashionable footwear like a low-cut ankle boot. Great with skinny jeans and leggings, these boots definitely require a no show sock. KN Karen Neuburger’s No Show Sport Socks ($6) are a hidden must-have for every gal donning low profile platforms or clogs. Comfortable and classic, these socks also support breast cancer awareness.

After checking out all of my options I definitely think that I am going to go with the Mid-Rise style of boot. It is the pair that best suits my body type and rain protection needs at the same time. Plus, I have the perfect KN Karen Neuburger socks to wear with them! Now if I can only find the right boot pattern....

Celeb fans of KN Karen Neuburger include Courteney Cox-Arquette and Mariska Hargitay. There are a ton of different colors and styles available online at www.karenneuburger.com, and in department stores and specialty stores throughout the country.

What's your favorite kind of rain boot? Which would you choose?

*All info that is italicized about the different boot style options was provided courtesy of Skirt PR*


blueviolet said…
I bought my daughter some black ones similar to the first pair you put up there. I got them on clearance from Nine West and they are fabulous!
Rhonda said…
Love the Burberry plaid rain boots! They are classic and timeless.