Wordless Wednesday - The Montlake Cut

On my birthday we took a brunch cruise around Lake Union, in Seattle. I had never done it before and it was an awesome experience. We didn't have a sitter for Emilio so we brought him along. One of the most interesting things was navigating through the Montlake Cut. The Montlake Cut is a canal that links Lake Washington to the Puget Sound. I have lived in or around Seattle all of my life and I had no idea that this even existed! One of the coolest things is that as your going through the Cut you can read all of the banners that people have painted along the cement walls of the cut. Below are some pics of what I saw in the Montlake Cut.

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Sounds like an amazing way to spend your birthday. Great shots!
That first pic is gorgeous! What a wonderful birthday!
Foursons said…
Those signs are so funny!
blueviolet said…
I never heard about that. I would like seeing those banners too!