Video Thursday - Imagination Movers Live


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We went to go see the Imagination Movers from the Disney channel live in concert on Saturday. It was so much fun for kids and for us. I love most of the Imagination Movers songs myself so it was a great experience. Except for the fact that Emilio did not like being contained in theatre seats. We met my brother, his wife and five year old daughter there. My niece was going bananas dancing everywhere - it was a total riot! My boys were so reserved and I really had to sing and dance with them to get them involved in the whole experience. I was so surprised by that cause they are big hams at home.

I would definitely recommend seeing The Movers if they come to your area. They are so fun and lively, kids and parents alike love them. Just like the TV show they have an "Idea Emergency" plot line going on during the live show. I didn't know what expect before going so I was really happy to see that they stuck with an "Idea Emergency" formula. I love that their music is for preschool aged kids but has a melody and rhythm that adults can enjoy. The songs are pretty catchy though and get stuck in my head all the time. At least they are fun tunes instead of the same old Row, Row, Row Your Boat or something.

Here is a video recording of the Imagination Movers singing "What's Your Favorite Snack?" at the concert. I also quickly panned over to my boys to see if they were dancing but they were only clapping along. Oscar had a nice scowl on his face too - way to show your enjoyment! After watching this again I now realize why Benji keeps asking me for "pop, pop, pop, popcorn" everyday. Mover Scott, Benji's favorite Mover - mine too, loves "pop, pop, pop, popcorn" as a favorite snack.


LiLu said…
Great idea! As you know, I'm a big fan of themes ;-)
Tammy said…
Looks like you guys had fun! :-)
burn said…
this is fun... I like to join this video thursday? When did you started it?
burn said…
this is fun... I like to join this video thursday? When did you started it?
balujan26 said…
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