Video Thursday - Matrix with Legos


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This is a side by side comparison of one of the famous scenes in the Matrix reenacted by Legos. It is pretty cool to watch. I had to do something with Legos because this week I learned that my husband never even knew that Lego kits existed. Can you believe it? He thought that just the big ones is all they made - maybe cause its all we own right now? I really couldn't believe it. It seems like all boys love to play with Lego sets and cherish them. I think that its some kind of boy rite of passage. I know my older brother still totes around his bag of Legos after all these years. Now my hubby really wants to get some kits for the kids but I think that its just him wanting to play with a toy that he missed out on as a child. What do you think?


blueviolet said…
Yep, your husband just wants to play with the blocks himself!
JDaniel4's Mom said…
Great video!

Thanks for the feedback on the blog design.

I love bingo marker painting. The only thing that get messy is your hands.
sheila said…
Oh my gosh, that IS awesome! NEver saw anything like that before.