Why I will forever love the Renaisance Madison Hotel in Seattle

On Christmas Eve this year we spent the night at the Renaissance Hotel in Seattle. I have to admit it was a little weird because I have never woken up anywhere on Christmas Day other than my own home. Even weirder, we left the kids at my in-laws house for the night so we woke up completely alone. I have to say, IT WAS AWESOME! I got a full eight hours of uninterrupted sleep - who could ask for a better Christmas present than that?

Another reason I love the Renaissance Hotel so much is that my father-in-law is the Chef there. We spent the night at this gorgeous hotel for only $28.50! They had an awesome family rate for Christmas, normally we spend about $60 for the night. Either way it is a spectacular deal and a cheap getaway from the kids for us. And because my father-in-law is the Chef we always get free room service too. I LOVE that!

Perhaps the biggest reason why I will forever love this hotel is that seven and a half years ago we were married in it. It was a big, beautiful, everything I could ask for wedding. Our ceremony took place on the 28th floor, which had a wall of huge windows that overlooked the Seattle skyline. We were married just as the sun set, it was amazing.

Our reception took place on the third floor ballroom. It was the best time I have ever had! We had a huge buffet and open bar. About 200 of our friends and family gathered together to celebrate our special day. As any bride would, I wanted the day to be perfect. I spent an entire year planning the event and making sure that every last detail was perfect. It was a beautiful thing to see my vision come to life.

Each guest table was perfectly decorated. I couldn't afford to spend a whole lot on the floral arrangements for each table so my florist and I came up with a cost effective solution that was not only simple but elegant. In the center of each table were several clear glass bud vases of varying heights each displaying a perfectly hot pink or bright yellow gerber daisy. Can you guess what my colors were? I remember spending many days searching thrift stores and garage sales to find similar looking glass bud vases to supply all of the tables with. I kept a select few of my favorites that I found then ironically I donated the rest back to some of the thrift stores that I purchased them from in the first place.

The wedding favors were also an item that I wanted to look fabulous. I chose to fill mini plastic champagne glasses with white mints, securing them in tulle and tying it off with pink and yellow ribbons that had our names and wedding date printed on them. Shown is a similar picture of what I had done that I took from HansenEllis.com, a site that specializes in unique wedding favors and personalized gifts. Which by the way, when I do throw a milestone anniversary party (at the hotel, of course), I will be checking them out because Hansen Ellis has some of the cutest favors and gifts that I have seen! Obviously the bridal shower favor and wedding favor options have changed for the better over the last seven years! There are so many options and some really cute, budget friendly favor ideas that I know I would have chosen had I seen them all those years ago. Well at least I know that I have tons of great options for any of my future anniversary parties!

Where was I? Oh yes, telling you all about my wedding. The guest tables were perfectly decorated with the flowers and favors. I even had the flower covered arch that we were married under during the ceremony transported down to the reception, placed behind the head table. It was awesome. I think I finally got rid of the arch pieces last summer when we were cleaning out the garage. I think I had some dream of using the arch in our yard somehow but seeing as a I have a black thumb I came to the realization that dream would never come to pass.

The memory of my wedding like most brides will be a day that I will never forget. I am so thankful that my parents were able to afford me the wedding of my dreams. The ceremony and reception were exactly what I wanted them to be. I am also very lucky that I happen to marry a man with hotel connections too. My parents were able to receive a great discount on the ceremony and reception locations as well as a discount on the food and beverage that was served. I also had a great time essentially having my father-in-law as my caterer. I knew first hand just how delicious the food would be. Plus, he was trying to impress me for a change!

So, those are the reasons that I will forever love the Renaissance Hotel. I am sure that over the coming years I will have many more memories to add. I can't wait to see what they will be!

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