Do You Love Nads?

As most women do I am constantly shaving and/or tweezing my face, arms and legs. Well, my face and armpits anyways. I am way too lazy to shave my legs unless I plan on wearing a dress or my lady parts are getting an visit from someone other than the person I am married to.

I have been getting sick of conventional methods for hair removal so I when I saw Smooth Away I really wanted to try it. My very first attempt to try Smooth Away was using the smallest piece to try to ward off the stache that tends to grow like a Chia Pet.

I prepped my face as per the directions and then I was ready to rock. Seemed simple right? Rub this little doohickey above my lip carefully and voila, no more hair. Or so I thought. Apparently I rubbed just a little too long. When I was finished the hair had disappeared but so did the first five layers of my skin! Here's the kicker - only one one side. So one side was great and the other RAW. Finally after three weeks of lotioning the crap out of my upper lip I was back to normal.

This whole experiment got me thinking about different hair removal systems that I have been swayed by. I've tried many but there was one that has been around forever that I have yet to try. That product is Nad's. Even now, I can't help but laugh at that awesome name. I feel like I'm in seventh grade all over again!

Do any of you remember when Nad's came out in 1992? Those infomercials were on all the time! Seriously, who could take a product seriously when its name was a synonym for a part of male anatomy? Funnier still originally the process was to roll the gel into little "balls" and then smooth them out over the hair covered skin. I still remember to this day the founder of the company telling me that I just needed to "flick and peel" the Nad's and the hair would be gone. Nad's. I'm still laughing about it!

Apparently nowadays Nad's is still around. I seriously had no idea. They now have hair removal cream in addition to gel. I do like the fact that Nad's is all natural, which isn't something I could have or would have appreciated in the seventh grade.

After my horrible experience with Smooth Away I am actually entertaining the idea of using Nad's, especially for facial hair removal. They even have a wand so that when you are applying the hair removal cream you can do it with precision around your brows before placing the hair removal wax strips on your face. Intriguing but I get really nervous about my eyebrows. I always have a small fear that I will end up like Jason Biggs in My Best Friends Girl.

What about you? Have you ever tried Nad's? If you have any hair removal horror stories please feel free to share them here. Or am I only the one that is hair removal challenged?

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Anonymous said…
I have not tried Nads... Although the name makes me feel naughty. Nads, Nads, Nads... hee hee!

I got a waxing kit from Sephora called Bliss Poetic Waxing kit. It works pretty good. Smells yummy too!

And this is so funny cause I just waxed my lip like 2 nights ago!
dor said…
I have not tried Nads either...but guess what I did. I got laser hair removal. Had 6 treatments done in each area. I was very hairy and have dark (almost black) brown hair. I had my upper lip, arms, underarms and legs done. I am very happy and hairless. Yes, was pricey but shave no more for me. I bought the body package which was cheaper than individual treatments. You have to find the place with the right machine though.
Melissa B. said…
Never tried Nads, but I'd love to hear how it goes...I'm afraid of electrolysis and/or laser.

The Saturday Sphinx
Annie said…
I never try it but maybe one day use it.

Enjoy the weekend.
Kmama said…
I've never tried any hair removal product..I'm too chicken!! That and when I had my c-sections, the bandages they put on over the incision will rip the skin on my stomach off. That said, I'm so afraid that will happen elsewhere!!
SupermomPlace said…
I had try nair in the past, but since I have the kids (hormones changes I guess) now it burns. Following you from MBC
Shelley said…
I've used Nads for a while and am completely satisfied. The main reason why I prefer it other waxes is that its easy to clean up with just some warm water and a wash cloth. Other waxes I've tried need a special remover liquid and most of the time they still leave you feeling sticky. at home waxing can be a bit tricky at first but the more you do it the more you'll become comfortable with the process. Thanks for the entertaining and informative post and I look forward to reading more.
Anonymous said…
Great article! I just purchased Nad's body strips the other day from Kmart. Not many big box retailers sell Nad's I guess because of bad reviews or it's not as popular since the infomercials. I knew Kmart they probably had them for a $1 or $2 cheaper than drugstores. I've had my lip waxed before which was my mom idea in 10th grade and it stung and had my brows waxed at 22. It hurt so bad but they looked nice and dark.
But last night I had the pleasure of using Nad's and I started with my testing my leg. Immediately after testing, my legs got little bumps on them so I decided to wait. I wiped my leg clean and rubbed on a little Neosporin. My leg cleared up. I proceeded to wax my chin which heredity started taking place at 24. Then I did my sideburns which really had my face burning. I thought I just had some deep hairs. Apparently after reading your post, it was because i was rubbing the strip on my face too much and ripping. The more you wax the more it's not so painful. I did my upper lip with no problems thank god but it hurt due to the nerves. I had planned to wash my hair next but i was scared the shampoo would sting my sideburns. I could barely sleep last night and the stinging didn't calm down until 10 and the redness went down. My skin has built a repellent to protect itself over the sideburns. It looks like new skin over a burn. I hope it clears up perfectly with neoporin and lotioning (you said). Plus i'm getting a relaxer next week and I'd hate for it to burn my face.