Get Sleek, Sexy Hair Using a Flat Iron - Learn How to Help those in Haiti with a Flat Iron

I don't show many pictures of myself online but when I have my hair is usually straight in the pictures. One of the reasons that I don't take a ton of pictures of myself is that I usually don't flat iron my hair when I am sitting at home with the kids - which is how I review most products. If I did, you would see me with my naturally curly hair. I prefer the flat ironed look for myself, I have been flat ironing my hair for the last ten years. One of my best friends is a hair stylist and she has taught me how to get a great look while flat ironing my own hair. We all know that the best look is when someone else can flat iron it for you, but how many of us realistically have someone to do that for us on a regular basis?

Here are my tips for getting amazing results for flat ironing your hair:

The biggest tip - is to have a great flat iron. I currently use a Hana Elite 1" Flat Iron from Misikko. This flat iron gets up to 450 degrees and is awesome! Below are my tips to use with any flat iron that will help you achieve the salon look that you are going for.

1. Get a great blow dryer. I prefer one that is 1850 watts and has a hot and cold blow setting. It is not the most important aspect of flat ironing but it helps out a ton when you have straighter hair to start with.

2. Once my hair is dry then I quickly run my flat iron through all of my hair. Once I am finished I separate my hair into three main sections. I have really thin hair so all I need is three - you may need more. For the most part my sections are separated into the top sections of my head, the middle and then the bottom. The top two I keep in place with an alligator prong clip.

3. First I start by flat ironing the bottom section. I use a fine tooth comb and carefully follow the comb strokes with the flat iron. This helps keep the hair separated and untangled during the straightening process.

4. Immediately after flat ironing the section, set your blow dryer to the cold air setting and blow out the bottom section. This process helps set the style.

5. Repeat steps 4 and 5 with the remaining sections.

6. When you have finished with all of the sections do any final touch ups with the flat iron and give it one final blow with the cold air.

7. At this point I add flexible hold hairspray to keep my bangs set in place as well as any baby hairs that surround my face.

8. This step is optional but I find that it works well for me too. When I am completely done I will step outside - if its chilly out - and let my head cool off. This is the same principle as the cold shot with the dryer but I notice that no matter what dryer I have its just not as cold as the outside is.

Follow my tips and I can guarantee that you will have sleek, sexy hair!

If you don't have a great flat iron I want to encourage you to purchase one of the Hana line of products from Misikko. With every Hana flat iron purchase from today until February 3, 2010, the CEO of Hana will send you a blank check for $25 to give to any charity that you wish - all though he is hoping that you will give to Haiti. Here is his message.

What an awesome guy and an awesome company! To show his appreciation for my help in spreading the word about what Hana is trying to do for Haiti they even offered to send me a travel flat iron - how generous is that? I would have shared this info anyways but receiving a travel flat iron for a gift is just above and beyond.

So, if you have been thinking about getting a new flat iron, now is the time! Please visit Misikko and purchase any Hana appliance before February 3, 2010 and receive a $25 blank check for your charity.

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Alicia said…
So, where is your picture???? LOL

What a great thing that they are doing! I should get a new one for my daughter!!
ModernMom said…
Great tips and a great idea. I can't leave the house until I use my flat iron!
Veronica Lee said…
Great tips and awesome idea!
Sarah said…
It's wonderful to see a company giving back to those in need like that.

And I'm also wondering where the photos are! ;)