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This time of the year is notorious for the cold and flu viruses to run rampant. Those of us with small children are on heightened alert because we know just how hard it is to combat those germs from coming into our home. Our family is no exception. We got hit heavy and hard last week with what's been going around in our neck of the woods.

It started last Wednesday night with my little baby Emilio. Ever since he was four months old he has had trouble with croup. Now that he is 18 months it still isn't any easier but at least I am better equipped to deal with it. I took him to the pediatrician on Thursday so he could get some steroid meds to reduce the swelling in his throat. Its so hard to hear that cough in the little ones because you know that they have no idea how to spit out the phlegm and blow their nose. Then the doctor hooked us up with some nebulizer treatment meds and we were good to go. That was Thursday.

Then came Friday. Oscar, my oldest, came home from school and was just super grouchy so I knew that something was up. He immediately put his jammies on and then laid on the couch for the next three hours, with you guessed it, a fever. When he was awake intermittently he was coughing a little bit and here and there. One thing about him though is that he is always willing to take medicine to feel better. So I whipped out the Tylenol Fever Reducer and the Triaminic thin strips and sent him to bed.

If you have never used Triaminic thin strips I totally recommend them. They are small, thin, strips of perfectly measured cold medicine that dissolves on your child's tongue. They are so easy to use and if needed your child can wash it down with a few sips of water. Much easier to use than the liquid Tylenol. That stuff is so messy and sticky. I having to slowly dispense it in their mouths too. I don't blame them for wanting to avoid that medicine, I did too as a kid. I didn't even know until just now that Triaminic had the strips for fever too or I most definitely would have used that instead. Now that the bottle of Tylenol is all used up I am not going to buy another one. Its Triaminic thin strips all the way in this house from here on out!

Anyways, back to my sicky story. On Saturday Oscar felt tons better and his fever was gone. He was able to play at his basketball game and did awesome too! Luckily for him he has always bounced back really quickly from being sick. I thought I was out of the woods but I should have known better. Saturday night we put the boys to bed and within an hour I was hearing terrible coughs. The loud, barking croupy cough. So I ran up the stairs expecting it to be Oscar but instead I found it was Benji!

Benji our 4, nearly 5 year old, had the croup! To top it all off he had a fever as well! I was in a panic because his coughs were so bad that he couldn't even talk. I called the consulting nurse and she advised me to call 911 and have the medics come out and take a look at him just to be on the safe side. So while the other two boys were sleeping soundly the local fire department EMT's came to the house and checked Benji over. Luckily he was okay by the time that they had arrived but it was scary there for a second. Since I all ready had the croup meds from Emilio's doctor visit I the medics said that if I wanted I could use them on Benji. So that's what I did. He got a nebulizer treatment and some Tylenol.

Sunday morning came and all three boys were feeling much better. Benji's cough had gotten better and the other boys were doing great too. We had family over that day and the boys seemed very much like themselves. All was well in the world again.

Or so I thought. Sunday night we put the boys to bed, both with the Nighttime Triaminic. About an hour later Oscar woke up coughing and then he threw up about three times all over his bed! Luckily I was right there before he threw up so I could guide him to do it all over his bed instead of on the carpet. Either way it was not a fun night.

Thankfully this week we seem to have gone by without any problems. The older boys are still taking the Triaminic in the morning and at night but they are definitely well on their way to getting over the sickies.

When I learned the other day that Triaminic was the center of a blog tour I really wanted to be a part of it. Especially in light of recent events in our household. Plus we love Triaminic in our house and I don't know what we would do without it when the kids get the sickies.

Triaminic has this great tool on their site called the Cold and Flu Symptom Tracker. You can track the activity levels in your state so you can better prepare your family when the levels are on the rise. Keep tabs on the most active cold & flu areas, and follow local sickness incidence levels from week to week based on data from SDI Fan® (a source used by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).
It also shows the top five cities in which the cold and flu virus is the highest. I live closest to Seattle and it showed that we have a moderate risk level. It will be interesting to see if it rises or falls over the coming weeks.

In addition to the Cold and Flu Symptom Tracker there is tons of great information about not only preparing for the cold and flu but how to handle the sick days once they arrive. You can download the Sick Day Guidelines Tip Sheet to keep on hand. I took the Test Your Sick Day Smarts quiz and learned a lot. Did you know that it is common for children to get 6-10 colds per year? Wow! That's a lot of colds! I have three kids so does that mean that potentially I will be dealing with cold and flu symptoms up to 30 times a year! The common cold is also the most common reason that kids and adults call in sick to school and work. Needless to say the Triaminic site has lots of useful information.

Visit Triaminic and get a coupon for $1.50 off your next Triaminic purchase.

I know that I will definitely be taking advantage of this because I am now almost out of all the cold meds after this latest epidemic. I hope that everyone takes advantage of this coupon and stocks up their medicine cabinet in preparation for the season.

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Anonymous said…
Geez! Dont you just hate it when the kids get super sick?! Glad everyone is feeling better.