Music Monday - Parent's Just Don't Understand

Maybe its because my parents have been staying with us for the last few weeks but this song just keeps reeling through my head. It's one of my favorite songs EVA! This song made me fall in love with the Fresh Prince. I used to call his 800 number just to hear his voice on the answering machine. I'm pretty sure that it wasn't free, so I think Will Smith owes my parents some money back for his promises of giving me a call back. Which is what I wished for all the millions of times I called that number and left a message for my favorite rapper. Oh well, a girl can dream!

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Alicia said…
LOL! This song brings back memories!!

My favorite is, "Summer..summer..summertime.."
sheila said…
Oh, I have no post to contribute ! But I DO love this old clip. I still love and movies. Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm. :)
blueviolet said…
I just can't believe you called him repeatedly. LOL
Run DMT said…
LOL I haven't heard this song in AGES!!!! Love it!!! Love Will Smith! Great pick! Happy MM!
Anonymous said…
Now that song is gonna be stuck in my head for days! LOL
Stacie said…
LOL I remember this song!! I haven't heard this in forever. Have a great Monday!
GAGAY said…
happy MM! great song..

hope you could park oso at my MM this week..

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Empty Streets said…
Dropping by to catch up on this week's MM Collection and I am loving the selection :) Hope you are having a great week ahead :) xoxo
AMH615 said…
The Fresh Prince came on the other day after something else I was watching and I ended up watching it. I forgot how much I used to like it! Will Smith is awesome!
Ah man, I TOTALLY remember this song! Crazy