My Husband Adores His Wedding Ring - Why? Its Beautiful and Affordable

I know that it is only January but wedding season is quickly approaching. So I thought that I would share with you one of the best ring options for men that is available, in my opinion. So if you are planning on ring shopping for your guy in the future, read on!

Before we got married seven years ago, Oscar had never even worn a ring. He was an automotive technician at the time so being a guy that used his hands quite a bit at work he never really wanted to wear rings. He assumed that they would get beat up from the wear and tear of his work activities.

So when we were ring hunting for him, we went with the cheapest option at the time, which was white gold. His ring was meant to be inexpensive because he had never worn rings before and it seemed like a great idea to go cheap just in case he lost it. That way we weren't out too much money. The plan was once he was accustomed to wearing a ring and he was in a management position we would upgrade.

Well that time came about four years ago. Oscar had just been approved for an assistant manager position and he was anxious to get a new ring. His white gold band was so beat up and scratched from the previous three years that he just wasn't happy with it. We went to our favorite jewelery store at the time and looked at all the options. There was the standard yellow/white gold, platinum, tungsten carbide wedding ring or a titanium wedding ring. This is when we first came across tungsten carbide rings. They are durable, scratch resistant and looked manly and gorgeous! Oscar immediately fell in love with one and we purchased it for a steal at $250. At that time they had just come out and were going for about $450.

To this day, four years later, Oscar still loves his ring. It looks as beautiful as the day we bought it. He gets compliments on it all of the time from customers, men and women alike, at work as well as his fellow employees. Many of his coworkers liked his ring so much that they also bought a tungsten ring for themselves. The look and durability just can't be beat. I love that his ring is so manly, it really suits his personality to a tee.

The ring featured at the top of this post is an exact match to the one that Oscar wears. I found it at Heavy Crown Jewelry for only $54.99! That is such a steal! Its on sale marked down from $139.99, which whether you get it on sale or not it is obvious that the price for a tungsten ring has gone down considerably in the last four years. Which is awesome for anyone looking to purchase one now.

Tungsten carbide rings are so affordable and fashion forward. If you are ring shopping for a hard working man with a labor intensive job I would highly recommend purchasing one. Not to mention they are so affordable you could put the money that you save on his ring toward yours!

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JDaniel4's Mom said…
What a pretty ring! It has such clean lines!
blueviolet said…
That's really a pretty ring! Tungsten rings are nice and durable for all the clunking men do with their hands.