New Year + Busy Schedule = Better Project Management

One of my biggest concerns for 2010 is time management. I have an active product review blog, a small business that I have started on the side, a business blog, a family, a house to run, plus I work part time outside the home. I am one busy woman!

I have been searching for ways to organize all of my tasks so that they are streamlined in a more conducive way for me to process. I just have so many projects going at once that unless I figure out a solution, and fast, my head just might pop off and explode.

In my quest for project management I came across Daptiv. Daptiv's business software enables companies of all sizes to transform their mid-office business operations. Daptiv claims to streamline day-to-day interaction and collaboration while dramatically reducing the complexity of project management, resource planning, resource allocation & tracking, portfolio planning, portfolio management, demand management, and document management.

All though I found some of Daptiv's project and portfolio management ideas to be amazing I find that is much too complex to resolve my super small business endeavors. I wish there were something like this but only on a much smaller scale. This system would be great for companies that have more than one employee and/or in multiple offices. So thanks for offering to share your ppm software trial but no thanks.

Who knows? Maybe one day I will grow into this giant, super, social media mogul and need this system, but until then I am still on my search for the perfect system. I like the idea of having everything organized on the computer but I still find that a good old fashioned printout of word documents and excel spreadsheets seem to be the best solution for now.

What do you do to help yourself get organized? Any tips or tricks would be much appreciated!!

Here's to kicking ass and taking names in 2010!

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blueviolet said…
Kick it, woman, kick it! :)
sheila said…
I use quick books for our small businesses. At this point I don't think I'd ever switch because it's embedded in my brain now, lol.

Organized? I'm working on that one myself. I think I'm gonna get a calandar and put in necessary things on certain days and then try and set limits on my blogging so I can devote more time to growing my biz.

We'll see how that goes, lol
ModernMom said…
Same story...just not enough hours in the day!
Tammy said…
I am trying to figure out my own scheule with all this blogging stuff and time for cleaning etc. When I find my happy place I will let you know!
Anonymous said…
You are busy! I'm always thinking if I didn't need to sleep so much, I could stay on top of everything. This software sounds like something I should check out!
I understand your time management issues. I have a lot of them myself. You have got me curious about this software.
Ji said…
time management is important,
if you are way behind the schedule,
you miss opportunities...

smart post,
hot topic!
Annie said…
Well, for being organized I make list of things to do. And try to clean some room of the house each day plus I teach my girls (like homeschooling).

Enjoy your weekend.