True Story Tuesday - English Language and the Silent P

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I thought I would tell you all a funny little story about Oscar today. This happened about ten years ago, long before we had gotten married and had our children. The good old days when we were livin' it up with no strings attached.

For those that aren't familiar with my blog, you might not know that my hubby is from El Salvador. He came here when he was six and once he got past the ESL thing he did have an American education. If you talked to him today you would never know that english is his second language, as a matter of fact he speaks much better english than spanish. Being in the US from such a young age, majority of what he had to speak to people was english, which is why his spanish skills are not as polished as his english skills. Anyways, on with the story.

Oscar loves to collect Disney movies. Way before we ever had children the man always had to have the latest Disney movie, being a kid at heart, he loves them. One night we were watching a documentary together and it was about Walt Disney. The documentary was dispelling the myth that Walt Disney had been chriogenically frozen and was actually buried. When the grave site picture showed on the TV our conversation went a little something like this:

Oscar: (in disbelief) "Oh my gosh! They spelled his name wrong!"

Me: "Uh, what are you talking about? They spelled it correctly. How do you think its supposed to be spelled?"

Oscar: "D-i-s-n-e-p"

Me: "Disnep? You think his name is Walt Disnep?" (at this point I'm laughing hysterically) "Why do you think that it's spelled with a P? That's a Y, you dumbass!"

Then he whips out one of his Disney movies so that he could prove me wrong. This is what he showed me:


By this time I am really laughing my ass off, I just couldn't help it, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. So our conversation continued:

Oscar: "See! I told you I was right! There's the P right there!"

Me: "That's not a P you dork! That's a cursive Y, it just kinda looks like a P."

Oscar: "What? No way! That's a P! I swear!"

Me: "Uh, think about it, if it really was a P wouldn't it be Disnep instead of Disney?

Oscar: "I can't believe this! I thought that it was a silent P, you know like a silent K or a silent G - or some other screwy english language rule!"

Me: "Well, here's your first clue, there's no such thing as a SILENT P at the end of a word! It only applies to words like psycho. How do you not know that?"

Oscar: "I don't know, I'm not from here! Well, I guess I believe you if you say so, but I'm still gonna double check with the guys at work tomorrow."

Me: "You go right on ahead honey. I'm pretty sure that they'll make just as much fun of you as I am."

This is one of my favorite stories to tell about Oscar, it only comes second to the one where he peed in our fridge. But that one I will save for another day....


Rachel said…
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Oh man, I'm sure he will never live that one down!

That is hilarious - wish I could have been a fly on the wall when he asked his buddies to prove you wrong :)

And OH MY LORD... I thought I was the only one with a "peeing in the refrigerator" story? They walk among us, huh? :)

Still giggling - thanks for linking up!
Alicia said…
Oh my gosh....THAT IS HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!

But, I never did notice how it does look like a "p." But, still, this is so funny!
Susie said…
That is too funny!!
Mr. Daddy said…
that is hilarious. loved the testosterone moment when he wouldn't give up.."I'm gonna check with the guy's at work" ROFL
Emily said…
Now did the guys at work make fun of him for the silent P or because he collects Disney movies? :) That's hilarious. I wish my hubs loved Dinsey as much as I do!
Foursons said…
That is so stinkin' funny. And Mr. Daddy's perspective on the whole thing was just icing on the cake. I never would have thought his unwillingness to believe you was testosterone related, but I'm sure Mr. Daddy is right on this one! Love this story!
Felicia said…
That is hilarious!
Voodookitten said…
How funny! There are tears coming out of my eyes!
sheila said…
OMG! That's frickin hysterical! LOL
AND I just love how you guys talk to each other, you dumbass, you dork, lol! Sounds JUST like our house. LOL
Anonymous said…
That's so funny! I can see why he would think that. How confusing our language must be. I'm still laughing thinking of "Disnep" it just doesn't have the same ring.
Anonymous said…
This is just too funny! English is a bizzare language, with all it's "rules"...which apply in some situations but not in others. No wonder he was all comfused!
Kimberly this is SO funny! I can not stop laughing. I love that rule! The silent P rule : ) HiLaRiOuS!
Anonymous said…
I think I will ALWAYS remember this story!! LOL
Veronica Lee said…
LOL! But the y does look like p !
Tammy said…
I have tears running down my face. I even had to read it to Scott and he was laughing. Does Oscar know you are telling stories that the neighbors are now aware of? We won't tell...that's just too funny...rofl!
Haha, that is too funny! If it makes him feel any better, I thought that "D" in Disney was a backwards G for years. It was such a revelation the day I finally realized it was a D!
This is to funny.... laughed till I cried.
HeatherOz said…
Oh yeah, that is so funny! Did he really check with the guys at work?
LOL!! The English language is pretty screwy, I can see why he might have been confused!
Can't wait to hear the pee in fridge story! ROFL!
Mevolving said…
I just about cried laughing at that, classic! BTW my family also has a peeing story only it was a closet not a fridge ay ay ay, what can we do with them, they're men lol
Kmama said…
Ahh, that is freakin' hilarious!! Thanks for the laugh.