Video Thursday - Crazy Girlfriend Destroys PS3


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Okay, I saw this over the weekend and I had to share. Mainly because I know the feeling. When Oscar and I were dating there were days that he would literally sit on the couch and do nothing but play his favorite video game. Only taking small breaks to pee and fix food because he would eat it while he was playing. It drove me insane. Now we are all grown up and life had different challenges. Oscar spends majority of his time at work and the games that he does play is with the kids so they have to be kid friendly. Normally he just plays with the kids and then when they go to bed or whatever he is done too. Well, ever since Christmas he has been playing Punch Out on the Wii every chance he can get. Saturday we both had the day off and my parents were watching the kids so we were supposed to be taking advantage of the time and cleaning the house. Every time I turned around he was taking yet another break to play Punch Out. Believe by Saturday night I felt just like the chick in the video.

Do you ever get frustrated by how much your guy plays video games?


Anonymous said…
Oh, I have so wanted to do that a few times!! My husband was playing his PS3 so much I threatened to throw it in te driveway! However he has managed to control his addiction unlike that guy in the video apparently! LOL I about died when he asked her to get him a drink! hahaha! I dont feel bad for him at all. (Although - it looked like they were having a hard time keeping their hands to themselves during the argument. Which is NOT good!)
Susie said…
Wow! I have a gamer husband too but I have never been THAT mad!
sheila said…
LOL! When she's married 20 years, she'll be GIVING him one of those, ha ha ha!
Rachel said…
OhmyLORD! That was crazy!

Thankfully Mr. Daddy is not into video games, but I do admit to having some thoughts toward his fishing pole, LOL!

Thanks for the laughs!
Mevolving said…
Holy cow, I have zero tolerance for 13yr old men as I call them who can't take the responsibility of being a grown up! Life doesn't stop so you can play video games which apparently this guy thought it did. I would have been mad too were I the only one earning money AND going to school while he played video games! I agree that hands should be kept to themselves while fighting but I also think that she needs to dump his sorry behind and find a grownup!

My better half has video games but isn't as bad as this guy because he works his tail off more hours that I care to think about. That said I did date a guy like this guy once and that certainly didn't last very long!
Becca said…
Wow, what a crazy video!!! Why didn't she just break up with him if she was that over him??
JDaniel4's Mom said…
I am glad I don't have video games yet at my house. I hope your husband is enjoying his daddy time. My husband's face lights up when he hears the call for daddy.
Alicia said…
My issue is with my boys playing video My husband doesn't play, or hardly watches TV!
blueviolet said…
That's nuts! My son is the one who is into the games over here but I don't mind. He's an adult.
That's crazy and hilarious at the same time. My son is pretty hooked with video games. I have to definitely set strict rules.

I like the idea of this meme. Maybe I'll participate one time.