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Featured Blogger

This weeks featured blogger is Ria from Cabral Family Blog. This easy going and fun mom of three wanted to share a video of her youngest daughter, Abi. Abi is dancing around in true cute baby style. I love these types of videos because for some reason watching babies do funny stuff never gets old. Abi is only a week or so younger than Emilio so I can relate to this momma! When your done watching Abi, go stop by the Cabral Family Blog and say hi! Ria has lots of great posts and even one from her hubby! Which I find awesome because Oscar wouldn't be caught dead blogging, ha ha. Without further delay, please enjoy Abi - check out her robot dance moves!

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Anonymous said…
Aw! Check her out, shakin' her booty!! How cute.
Alicia said…
LOL..oh my gosh, that is so cute!!!!

And my husband is the same as yours. He doesn't even like to read, much less BLOG! LOL, he'll read mine though only because I write about the kids!
Susie said…
That is so cute!

Video is one thing that I have not branched out into but I should! Thanks for the inspiration:-)
Anonymous said…
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Rachel said…
Awww! Abi's dancing is so cute!

And beware of wanting your husband to post on your blog... mine has told some outrageously funny stories that I would have rather kept in the family, LOL! :)
Anonymous said…
Pretty pink Momma. you made my day by featuring Abi's video on your blog. It means very much to me. It's so fun to watch her dance and at almost 2 yrs old, she enjoys her music even more than she did at age 1.
This video of Abi is one of my favorites especially the bit when she's dancing like a robot.
Have a wonderful thursday. I'm off to post my video thurs
angie said…
What a great idea!
Sarah said…
Aww...Abi's got some great moves! Thanks for the smile.