Video Thursday - Pants on the Ground


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I am so pissed at myself for forgetting to watch American Idol! I love the auditions - they are the reason for even watching American Idol in my opinion. Well when I went to work last weekend all the rage was "Pants on the Ground" guy. Of course, I had no idea what everyone was talking about so I went to YouTube and watched for myself. Hilarious. Just in case you were a lame-o like me and missed it, here it is - enjoy!

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The Blue Zoo said…
I am a lame-o! I totally missed it, and now those jokes people were making on Twitter make a lot more sense... lol

I cant believe he is 62!
sheila said…
Sorry, cannot watch that, not one more time! It's aired almost every night on the news somewhere, ha ha ha.

This guy is gonna be so huge.
The Cabrals said…
thanks for video thursday.
I joined in and linked up.
The Cabrals said…
hi. I love video thursday and would love it if you would consider featuring one of my videos for it. Its of my baby girl Abi dancing .. its on my profile if you need the embedded code let me know.
hope you will consider please.
blueviolet said…
I was absolutely cracking up about this!
The Cabrals said…
Its still funny to watch over and over again. I remember seeing this audition on the tv. thanks for the funny reminder.
Veronica Lee said…
I guess I'm a lame-o too 'cos I missed out this one!!

Amazing! 62?!!