Aloha Friday - Sleep

12:00 AM Posted by Kimberly@PrettyPinkMomma

Aloha Fridays are brought to you by Kailani from An Island Life. Over there in Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that they take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So Kailani thought that on Fridays she would take it easy on posting, too. So, for Aloha Friday, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Answer my question and put one of your own up on your blog. Link up and check out other blogs that participate at An Island Life.

How many hours on average do you sleep at night?

Right now I am averaging about five. On a good night seven. But even those are broken up between one child waking me up or another. I can't wait for the day when everyone in this house gets a good nights rest!
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  1. Alicia said...

    I swear, you are my sister that was separated from me at birth! LOL

    I get about 5 hours too!!!!!

  2. The Blue Zoo said...

    I think I get about 6 hours. And it is NOT enough. Now that Im getting older I seem to need a lot more sleep!

  3. Design it Chic said...

    Sometimes 5-6..sometimes 2hrs the most, thanks to my brain not being able to shut down:P So it depends! But i never feel rested enough anyway:) So yeah..
    Happy Friday and here's my Aloha

  4. CuzinLogic said...

    I'm averaging about five. On a good night when the neighbors three dogs aren't barking or the couple next door isn't arguing seven.

  5. Teresa said...

    I get about six hours but it was getting less and less as I go from blog to blog as it gets later and later!

  6. Auntie E said...

    about 6.

  7. JDaniel4's Mom said...

    I get about six hours. It depends on my little one.

  8. Joyful said...

    I sleep between 5 - 7 hours. I used to sleep much longer. In my late 40's I don't seem to need as much sleep. When I wake up I have my quiet time with God, something I put off for years.

  9. Shell said...

    5-6 I really need to get more!

  10. I am Harriet said...

    Usually, 7-8 hours. It never seems like enough for some reason.

  11. Whimsical Creations said...

    I get about 6. I really need to go to bed earlier and get more.

  12. TheAngelForever said...

    5-6 hours if I am lucky. Of course, most nights one of the boys will wake up coughing, needing the bathroom or something else.

  13. shopannies said...

    a good night about 7 hours of sleep not good night much less

  14. Steph said...

    On a good night, about 7 hours. So if it's not a good night, less than that! I wish i could sleep more!

  15. The Gosfam said...

    I am pretty good about getting at least 6, and sometimes I am lucky enough to get 8.

  16. Upstatemomof3 said...

    About six or seven. Sometimes less.

  17. Krissi said...

    Well, my twins wake me up off and on because they are teething and my daughter (who's almost 3) wakes up randomly from dreams and fear, so maybe 6 if I'm lucky!

  18. Twincerely,Olga said...

    7-8!!!I know it's hard when they wake up alot!!I hated the lack of sleep and am so glad I didn't kill someone!!!LOLAloha

  19. Messy Mommy said...

    8-10 hours and sometimes a nap. I'm very spoiled but I'm very partial to my sleep. Thankfully God gave me children who also love to sleep. :)

  20. Cascia said...

    I know exactly how you feel! We should get at least 7 or 8 hours of sleep a night but when you have small children it is difficult to get a good night's sleep.

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