End Treadmill Boredom with the Surf Shelf!

As you may know, I have started to eat healthier and exercise in hopes that I will reach my weight loss goal by this time next year. I have started a new Weight Loss Tips and Product Guide so that I can share any and all weight loss knowledge that I possess with you as well as provide product reviews for any products that I think are helpful weight loss tools.

We all know that exercise is one of the most important keys to maintaining a healthy weight. Increasing your cardio is one of the best ways to burn fat but can be a hard habit to form if you are a couch potato like me. When I'm not lounging in front of the TV you can bet that you will find me in front of my laptap, blogging and checking emails. Keeping up with my blog is really important to me and at times can takeover my day. My favorite way to unwind is to plop my butt on the couch and just immerse myself in my favorite prime time programs. This schedule has taken a toll on my body and even though I want to change its hard to miss out on my TV time. I need that escape from reality. All though its hard to admit, this is one of the main reasons that I have stayed sedentary for so long.

One of the easiest ways to add cardio to into your exercise routine is to start walking on a treadmill. I have a treadmill in my garage but because of the previously mentioned reasons I haven't used it until recently. The biggest problem that I have with my treadmill is the boredom. I can't just walk and do nothing but stare at an unkempt garage. I also have no cable access in my garage so watching my favorite TV shows was out of the question. I tried using my iPod but listening to music doesn't really give my eyes anywhere to focus plus I can't hear the baby monitor or the older boys when I have earphones in. So what's an overweight mom to do?

The answer is the Surf Shelf. This amazing product got my fat butt back on the treadmill for the first time in over a year. I LOVE it! It has ended my treadmill boredom. The Surf Shelf is a shelf specifically designed to hold your lap top securely in place on your treadmill, eliptical or stationary bike. The shelf itself is made of strong polycarbonate, the same stuff used to make bullet proof glass. The built in velcro srtap secures any laptop or portable DVD player. The Surf Shelf is completely transparent so you can still read the machine readout too. More importantly is that the sleek design is created to stay out of your way while you exercise.

Below is a short video that shows you just how easy it is to install the Surf Shelf on your machine.

One thing that worried me the most is the support that the Surf Shelf would provide. I would be so upset if my laptop fell on the floor and got broken. The video below shows how strong the Surf Shelf is and that it can hold the weight of up to 50 lbs!

Needless to say it seemed that the Surf Shelf was tailor made for a gal like me. I was so giddy the day that it came, I was anxious to get it all set up and ready to go. My husband put it together in a matter of minutes. I hopped on the treadmill for the first time in over a year! My laptop was securely attached, and I was reading blogs and checking my email- WHILE EXERCISING! The Surf Shelf is the multi-taskers dream come true!

Then next time I used it decided that I wanted to catch up on TV shows. My biggest problem was that I hadn't figured out ahead of time what I wanted to watch and where I could watch it. So, I wasted some time that I could have spent walking trying to decide what to watch when I was walking. I then realized that I remembered Randy, the Surf Shelf Founder, talking about a website he created called In-Gym.com.

Randy had specifically designed In-Gym.com as an online entertainment guide for Surf Shelf users to have access to their favorite online video feeds from their favorite providers, all from one place. In-Gym.com allows you to select what you want to watch using only your arrow keys so you don't have to slow down your workout by typing in all the individual sites that you want to watch. It currently has seven categories to choose from including: news, sports, entertainment, health & lifestyle, music videos, online TV and teens. Each category has twelve video channels which means that it has 84 video sites total at your fingertips. Below is a very short video tutorial about how In-Gym.com works:

From the moment I saw the Surf Shelf I was immediately on board with this genious idea. My husband however was not. He felt that it was just another one of those gimmicky products that doesn't work or is just plain stupid. Well, since my husband and I have decided to make a lifestyle change, he wanted to start using the treadmill to get in his cardio. So, he tried out the Surf Shelf - and he LOVED it too! He is actually thinking of purchasing a recumbent bike and an additional Surf Shelf so that we can do cardio at the same time. If my husband became a loyal fan I know that you will too. We are both thoroughly impressed by the Surf Shelf.

Here are pictures of my husband and I using our Surf Shelf during our morning workouts

If you are looking for a way to increase the longevity of your cardio workouts and stimulate your mind at the same time I would most definitely recommend purchasing the Surf Shelf. The Surf Shelf is available for purchase for $39.95. Randy is committed to customer satisfaction and he offers a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product in any way. So, what do you have to lose but the extra lbs?

*I share my 100% honest thoughts and opinions in all posts. For product reviews I am only compensated in product for the sole purpose of writing an honest review. Please refer to my disclosure policy or email me if you have any questions.*


Alicia said…
Oh my gosh, this makes me wish I had a treadmill!! You sound like me. Too into the blogs, emails, FB, etc.! But, I did tell my youngest daughter that we were going to dance for 30 minutes a day for exercise. I did it once! LOL
Alicia said…
Oh, and it's so nice to see a picture of you! You're so pretty!
What a great idea! I'll definitely check it out! I worry a LITTLE bit that my sweaty work-out fingers might damage my laptop, but I usually keep a towel nearby anyway, so maybe it wouldn't be too much of an issue!

Thanks for the post!
Erika*Coffee said…
That is great! I've been looking for something like this :)
Anonymous said…
How in the heck did I miss this post??

I love that shelf!! And the website sounds cool too!
April said…
What a neat idea. I wonder if I got this would I finally stick to working out..lol..def worth looking into...thanks
Smarti said…
I can see this being a hit with my husband in winter when it's too cold to go running. For me. I would use it in any weather. It will certainly help you to forget the pain of exercising.
Smarti said…
I need this too. This will help me to stay on the wagon in winter.
Glogirl said…
What a great idea! I've never heard of this product. Exercise can be boring and a chore. I think that keeping one's mind occupied while exercising may encourage you to exercise longer and burn even more calories.
Some Lucky Dog said…
This is the first review of the Surf Shelf I've read that mentions the Ingym.com web site. That's awesome! We have a treadmill and I don't use it much either...I'd love to be able to read my e-mail while I walk!
Anonymous said…
Hope that it does work. Cardio is important, but, can be boring even with a tv available. I find most gym tvs are set to channels I don't watch and hard to find someone with "the remote."

scoopster (nospam)at yahoo(nospam)dot com
Ardy22 said…
I want one of these. Exercising is tough and boring enough as it is. This is a great way to help pass that time more quickly!