Music Monday - Been Caught Stealing

The twenty year olds that I work with had never heard of Jane's Addiction, "Been Caught Stealing" - such an awesome video and song. I couldn't believe it so of course I had to show it to them. I love Jane's Addiction.

Janes Addiction-Been Caught Stealing

Maetthew | MySpace Video

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Alicia said…
You're gonna laugh, but I've never heard of them either, or this song!
Shell said…
At first, I thought I didn't know this song- but then I realized that of course I do! I'm just horrible at remembering names of songs.

My 21 month old is JAMMING right beside me. LOL
Merrie L. said…
You have NOOOO idea how much this video means to me... I came from such a small rural town....we were into alternative music before it was popular. I graduated with a class of 18 students when this song came out and we didn't have MTV or VH1 at the time and I have NEVER seen the video before today.. how awesome! The video is hilarious! I listened to the music, but never seen the video.