True Story Tuesday - I could never be the ghost whisperer

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Something that I don't typically share with people about myself is that I am an extremely sensitive person. I am one of those that can just sense vibes that people give out really well. It's almost like I innately know what someone is thinking just by their body language and facial expressions. Which is kinda funny only because I am also a person that once you get to know me I throw all tact out the window. I tend to joke around with my family and close friends that the better I get to know someone the ruder and more blunt I become. I tell those lucky enough to experience this from me that I swear it means I love you because I can say whatever and I am not fearful of the fact that you might head for hills and never want to see me again. I know, they are so lucky right? But hey, can't we all use an honest friend?

Anyways, along with my sensitiveness also comes a fear factor. I swear that at times I can feel bad vibes or just vibes in general from places. Not like ghosts but like presences. I'm probably only telling this story because I just finished watching a marathon of the Ghost Whisperer and its taking over my ability to think straight. I know that a ton of people don't believe in spirits or ghosts but unfortunately for me I do. Believe me, I wish that I was as brave as my husband and could know for sure that its just a bunch of crap but my gut instincts or vibes tell me otherwise. I have felt this way as long as I can remember, and yes, I am still afraid of the boogeyman. Only now the boogeyman is the unknown hiding everywhere and nowhere instead of a creepy dude in my closet. So I have decided to share a couple of reasons why I have felt stronger about my beliefs as I have gotten older instead of letting them go as some childish fears.

Part of my "vibes" comes from old places, like old houses and buildings. Currently I live in a somewhat newer home so I have experienced minimal vibes in this house. Which I love! I think that this house is only one that I have ever lived in that I have felt comfortable alone in the dark. Before we bought this house we lived in a rental, an old sixties remodel. At first I tried to pass it off as charming but as we continued to live there I felt more and more not bad but uncomfortable vibes. That place gave me the heebie jeebies! Now, I always try very had to ignore the vibes I feel - simply because I need to get to sleep at night. But this was one of the first things that creeped me out.

These pictures were taken in the house that we lived in. These are just a couple of pictures that the light orbs showed up in. In fact, it happened to so many pictures that we took we actually took the camera to Best Buy to have the Geek Squad take a look. They told us that there was absolutely nothing wrong with our camera. And of course, those orbs didn't show up when we took pictures at Best Buy. The orbs showed up in all different shots, sizes and in multiples or singles. There didn't seem to be a reason for any of them. Needless to say, I was creeped out.

Then one night something unexplainable happened that sealed the deal - I needed to get the heck out of that house! I had a really cool Brookstone 5 in 1 clock and thermometer on my nightstand. Here is what it looked like:
One of the things that was really cool about it was the fact that it changed settings and colors whenever your hand got close enough. Just like it shows in the picture. The lights on this thing when it changed colors were really bright - hard to miss colors. When the clock detects no motion it stays dark.

This particular night I had just gotten to bed. Like always, the boys were in bed and Oscar was fast asleep on his side of the bed. The dog was quiet and also on the floor by Oscar's side. I was laying in bed trying to unwind and get some sleep but even with my eyes closed but I kept having those uncomfortable vibes - the ones where you just don't feel alone. I opened my eyes to find the lights on the clock just flashing, all by itself. I was lying perfectly still, just watching the colors continually changing. When I moved to see if the dog was still on the other side they stopped. So, I laid back down. I was nervously lying there and then the lights started going off again! I watched this go on for what seemed like forever but was in reality probably only about five or ten minutes. Then I had enough. I broke down and woke Oscar up to tell him what was going on. Of course he thought I was nuts but come on, how does a motion detector work when there is not any motion? Not to mention that for this particular one you had to be within a few inches of it for it to work. Obviously this made me extremely uncomfortable considering it was within a couple feet the side of my head.

Oscar's solution was to grab the monitor and move it over to his night stand on the other side of the bed. Now, he knew that it really bothered me but he doesn't really care about all that stuff. Even if there was a presence in the room with us he could care less as long as it let him sleep. He most definitely is not a "vibes" kinda person. Would you believe that once he moved it the clock never flashed uncontrollably like that again? Even though the dog was lying right below it. And I have never seen it do it since. It has never come near one of my nightstand's since, in that house or this one. Creepy right?

What about you? Do you experience "vibes" or a presence around you when there is nothing there? Or maybe you all just think I'm crazy....


Oh my gosh Kimberly! I have heard that before about those spots in pictures being a ghost! That is just crazy.

I don't really notice things like that. I think when I was little my Mom always told me we didn't believe in ghosts so I just never did. Gary likes to watch Paranormal state. That creeps me out a little!
dor said…
Hey ...I hear you. I was sensitive like that since I was a child. My mom thought I had a vivid imagination. I lived in this apartment once with my two little boys. Lots of strange things went on and I even had the house blessed by a pastor more than once. I ended up moving out. There is stuff going on in there. I would feel a presence in there often, esp. when the boys were in bed and everything was quiet. I could go on. It was so creepy, it was making me sick. The landlord still lives on the otherside of the apartment but nothing bothers them.
It is very quiet where I live but every now and then, I feel it...but it's not dark like where I use to live.
Thanks for sharing.

I love the ghost whisperer too.
Michelle Pixie said…
These sorts of things happen to me all the time. Sometimes it can be a little scary but I don't think anything wants to hurt me so I embrace it. I always know when my grandma is around because I smell her cigarette smoke/perfume every so often. And the night my cousin died I know she stopped by my house because my bedroom smelled like a perfume factory of her perfume! ;)
Cascia said…
Wow, that is creepy. I can't say I've ever encountered anything like that before.
Rachel said…
I am such a weenie about scary things. I think the worst are those toys that go off by themselves. I know it's probably a faulty sensor somewhere, but it's hard not to jump, ha ha!
OK, I had not read anyone's posts today before I linked up. You are going to freak the heck out when you read mine...I promise!
Alicia said…
Um..remind me not to buy one of those things! LOL..just kidding.

Yes, I do believe in ghosts, and spirits because those are all the devils angels. But, I don't fear them because I know the Lord has my back. 1 John 4:4 says, "You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world."

So, I totally don't think you're crazy, but next time you feel that way, just pray, pray, pray!!!
Pam said…
No Kimberly you are not crazy. I have had feeling before like that after I married and moved into other places. But never as strong as I did moving here 16 yrs. ago. Mine were not vibes but mine were out and out actual things like things falling off shelves, walking upstairs when no one was up there and other strange things. I had the vibe that mine was a woman and I realized that she was not here to hurt anyone. About 5 yrs ago or so, she left. No more signs of her at all, and to be honest I miss her presence, I felt she was looking out for me and the kids. And no...I am not some kind of looney nut! Thanks for sharing.
OMG, I LOVE this post! I confess I am a Ghost Whisperer junkie, not because it's a great show, but because I LOVE a good ghost story! These pictures are amazing! Love the story about the clock, too. It gave me goosebumps!

Just found your blog, so glad! I'm a new follower!
Peggy said…
I have lost 2 sons and I met a woman that is like the ghost whisper. She saw me and said she saw a boy by me .What really made me believe that my sons are by me because she described my son what he looked like as a teenager.Dan passed at 27 but he had a severe case of ADHD. I always said he was 27 but acted 13. She saw him as a teen!! She had it down to his eye color,green eyes,his hair,on the chunky side,I was amazed! I have brown eyes and I never met this woman before! I believe my sons are with me ,I know it sounds weird to people but on Mothers Day ,I was thinking about my boys and was on the computer visiting sites. I happened to get an email from one of the Etsy shops ,saying I was the 100th visitor and I won a soap with a beautiful heart in it. I felt it was a gift from my boys on Mothers Day.
I was just talking to my daughter and I know she misses her brothers. She said every night before she went to bed she asked if they would visit her in a dream.She just misses them and wanted to see them. They came to her in a dream and they were both with me,she said. She told me the whole family was in her dream ,but the boys were right by my side. That was nice.I believe in the Ghost Whisper and I too always watch the show. I would love to go to a John Edwards show.
Thanks for letting rant on