Manic Monday! An Ode to No More Poopy Flu!

Last week I was worthless. I admit, I sucked. I was laid out on the couch all week with a poopy stomach flu - thanks to my darling boys that passed it around to each other and then to me. On the bright side I have lost three pounds in one week from just laying on the couch. The down side is that I am so super duper behind on posting my reviews and giveaways that I need to man up and get as many as I can done this week.

This in itself will pose a couple of problems because my week is a little hectic. In fact, this week is gonna be crazy - not the good kind. For several reasons.

The first being that my parents are coming in to town today. They will be staying with us for the next three weeks or so. Its one of those things that is a blessing and a curse all at the same time. I love my parents but living with them - well I grew out of that by the time I was 18. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy their company. It can be challenging though for us to live together simply because we have two completely different lifestyles. We eat late lunch, late dinner and have a late bedtime. They get up at the crack of dawn and are in bed by 8. My mom tries to constantly keep a happy medium between me and my dad but something always goes awry. Plus my dad isn't great about sharing his TV time, computer time or dinner time so its sometimes its like constant competition between my dad and the boys, which is sad considering the age difference. Either way, I am always happy when they are here and it will be great to see them. Not to mention I think that things will go much more smoothly from now on because I think that this is the last time that my parents will be having an extended stay.

My parents just purchased a manufactured home, about 80 miles north of us, but either way they have a place to call their own. They are in town to get it all taken care of and make plans for it so that when they come back in the summer it will be good to go. Their plan is to stay with me only a couple nights here and there but mainly live in the manufactured home when they visit from AZ. I love it, because they are planning to stay there for 4-6 months out of the year so I will get to see them more often.

Anyways, back to me and what else is crazy this week. So parents coming today and on Tuesday I have to have three skin biopsies. Yay. Two on my scalp and one on my arm. They assure me that it won't hurt but I'm pretty sure that they were kidding. After all they will be shooting my head and arm up with novacane and then removing parts of my body. Why am I doing this you ask? Well, two reasons. The first is that my head is having some serious issues. I have been losing hair like crazy for the last year and a half. If it continues at this rate I will be bald by the time I reach 35. Bald is not such a hot look for me. I am hoping that I can figure out what the cause is and start the process of growing it back in. My arm biopsy is for skin cancer. I have some freckles there that stopped looking like cute little freckles quite awhile ago and now look like a blob of brown all mushed together. Hopefully through all this pain I will find the cure for baldness and end up with just being told that the freckle oddity isn't anything to be worried about. So, keep your fingers crossed for me.

Later that afternoon I have a conference with Benji's preschool teachers. That should be fun as its right after my biopsies and who the heck knows what my head will look like after they take off two chunks of it. On Thursday I have to get Benji to speech therapy and then its off to another conference but for my first grader. That should be a breeze, luckily Oscar is doing awesome in class. Oh and did I mention that Benji has no preschool this week at all and Oscar has half days every day this week? Combined with my parents its gonna be a full house. Hopefully I can lock myself in my room and get some blogging done!

Now for the finally, Benji's birthday party is on Sunday. I work all day Saturday so I have to make sure that everything is ready to go on Friday. Oh crap! I just realized that I forgot to order the cake! Okay, I better get on that before I forget yet again and my poor son has no cake to celebrate his fifth birthday. While I'm at it I might want to buy him a present or two also. This mom is really on top her game!

Well, I better go. I have no time and way too many things to get done to be just hanging out and blabbing about it. Let's pray that the organizational Gods will be smiling down on me this week!


Tammy said…
Hang in their will get it all done! :)

Shell said…
You have a ton going on!

Sending prayers for your biopsy.
JDaniel4's Mom said…
It is really hard when the weekly routine changes. Have great week!
Cascia said…
Hang in there! Everything will work out just fine. It sounds like you are a little stressed out. Enjoy your time with your parents and have a great Monday!