Oh My Aching Back! Tips for Alleviating Back and Neck Pain

I don't know about you but after having three kids and some serious weight gain, my back is killing me! I have had low back pain for several years. In the last five years it has crept up my back and around my neck and shoulders. I am constantly sore. There are a few things that I have found that seem to alleviate the pain so I thought that I would share them with you just in case you suffer from back pain as I do.

The first tip that I would suggest is to drink a ton of water. I have noticed that when I drink water it helps loosen up the muscles and they are not as tight. Drinking water is a struggle for me because I don't really love the taste of it and I seem to have a tough time remembering to drink it. I get so busy during the day that thirst is usually the last thing on my mind. I don't drink enough of anything. Period. I have made the conscious decision to drink water daily for many reasons, not just for back pain, as I strive to achieve living a healthier lifestyle. For taste I use Crystal Light On the Go Lemonade,10 Count box, 1.4-Ounce Unit (Pack of 6) and that makes it tastier for me.

I have also learned that having a very comfortable pillow whenever I sleep or rest will help tremendously. There are several pillows that are specifically designed for comfort like an orthopedic pillow or neck pain pillow. These pillows are created to help support the head and neck muscles properly when you are sleeping. You should consult your doctor and discuss which pillow type - quality fiber, foam or aqua core, they feel is the right one to help you with your back pain treatment plan.

Getting regular chiropractic care will help align the spine. I have strayed away from chiropractors in the last couple of years because I don't really like the new age methods that many chiropractors are practicing these days. Call me old fashioned but I want a guy to crack my back in a private room, free of onlookers, and then give me a sheet with exercises I can do in the privacy of my own home. Lately all I can find are the guys that are into group table sessions and exercises all in one. As soon as a I find a place that is right for me I will be going back to getting regular chiropractic care. Luckily for us, my husband's insurance covers a huge allowance for chiropractic care and we never have any out of pocket costs for regular exams and visits.

Just this last week I started going to Massage Envy and getting full body massages to help with the pain. Its amazing how much pain can be released when you have an experienced masseuse stretching and working out the muscles. I also learned that much of the back pain in my low back is tied in with the neck and shoulder pain that I have. Apparently the large muscle groups start at the bottom of the spine and go all the way up to your head. So, if your lower back is having difficulty than its most likely that your neck will be too. It was really nice having a professional explain how the different muscle groups work together. Let me tell you, I will gladly pay for a professional massage instead of receiving the wimpy, lame back rub that I always get from my husband. Needless to say, I am for getting a good massage, so much so that I have decided to get treat myself and get one every single month. For more details about my massage experience and how I received a discount for an 80 minute massage read my post on Monday.

I hope that these tips will help you as they have helped me. If you have any tips that work for you I would love to hear them.

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blueviolet said…
Drinking water helps? Now that is shocking! The best thing I ever did for my back was replace the mattress. It made a HUGE difference!
Tammy said…
I just had Scott change pillows 2 nights ago...and use one that is memory foam to see if that helps.
Cascia said…
Great tips. I'd love to go to massage envy and get a massage. I suffer from lower back pain too. I wasn't aware that drinking water could help with this too. Thanks for sharing!

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Abby said…
Thanks for the post!

I suffer from these due to flat feet and NEVER knew water helped. Never tried those pillows or the chiro though. I do stand by the massages though, love them!