Thank You Tropicana For a Great Massage From Massage Envy!

As I mentioned before, I was chosen to be a Tropicana Juicy Insider. For a quick recap just in case you missed that post, I will sum up the Tropicana Juicy Rewards program for you. Tropicana wants to reward its customers by offering fabulous discounts for family activities, shopping and other services just by simply purchasing any half gallon of Tropicana. Each half gallon has a redeemable code that is worth anywhere from 1-3 points. Earn points and redeem them for awesome discounts. Its super easy, fun and affordable. Offers are redeemable at the 1-9 point level and savings are anywhere from $5 - $15, if not more depending upon the discount option that you choose. Its a wonderful program and the discounts earned more than pay for the carton of Tropicana, so its like added fun for free!

As part of my responsibilities as a Juicy Insider I get to redeem my points and then share with all of you my experience with the program. I could have spent some of my points on going to the zoo or the local museum, but instead I decided that it was time to focus on me for a change. I needed a little me time and I think that we all can agree its easier to take it and spend the money when you know that you are receiving a great deal. Which is why I chose to spend my first redemption on a introductory massage at Massage Envy.

I used to love getting professional massages when I was younger. Of course, I didn't have three kids and a husband at the time so I could go whenever I pleased and didn't have to worry about how much money I was spending because like most twenty year olds, I wasn't on a budget. Nowadays a great massage has been on my "To Do" list for the last two years. That's right, I said TWO YEARS. It is has been really hard financially to justify going out and getting a massage for myself. When you are pinching pennies a massage just isn't in the top ten of need to have items when you are planning your weekly or monthly budget.

I had secretly been carrying around the Massage Envy introductory coupon specials in my wallet for over a year. I know how expensive a good massage can be and the introductory offer for a one hour at $39 is a total steal. My husband had even given me the okay on spending the money but something else always came up that was more important at the time so I never had the chance to go. When I found out that I could get a 10% discount off a hour and a half massage session at Massage Envy by redeeming only two of my Tropicana points - I was sold.

It was really easy to redeem my points to get my coupon too. After I searched the offers available that were closest to my zip code I found the Massage Envy offers. I clicked on the 10% off an Introductory 1 1/2 hour massage session. On that page it explained what was included in the offer as well as the expiration date of the coupon and how many points the reward was worth. This reward option was worth two points, I clicked on the Get Reward button and it brought up the next page that prompted me to make sure that my printer was ready to go. You only have one shot to print the coupon so making sure that your printer is ready to go is a must. I printed the coupon and then I was off to schedule my appointment.

When I called to make the appointment the receptionist was very polite and helpful. She asked me all the right questions, to ensure that I would be with a masseuse that fit my needs. She also asked me if I was going to be using any coupons and was really excited when I told her that I would be using my Tropicana Juicy Rewards discount. She told me that I would be the first one at their location to take advantage of the Juicy Rewards discount. I thought that it was really cool that the employees at Massage Envy were informed about the program and excited to see who would be using it. I made my appointment for Friday the 12th at 7:30. I loved the fact that they are open so late because my husband doesn't get home from work usually until seven so having the flexibility to schedule around his work hours was really important.

When I arrived for my appointment I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the whole place was. After filling out my initial paperwork, I was given a tour of the rooms and was informed all about what they offer their clients. I took a seat in the client lounge and anxiously awaited meeting my masseuse and getting down to business!

Within about five minutes my masseuse, Gretchen, came out to introduce herself. She was super nice and made me feel comfortable right away. This is a very important aspect of getting a massage from someone that you have never met before. She asked me few quick questions about my massage needs and then left me alone so that I could get undressed. If you have never had a professional massage before you might not realize that they expect you to get completely naked, they actually prefer no underwear. For a prudish gal like myself, this was a hard concept to grasp when I was younger. However, since becoming a mom and having three separate hospital experiences where everyone in the flipping hospital has seen me naked, I am much less shy when it comes to these types of things. So, I got naked and slipped under the covers and awaited my much needed massage.

Gretchen was so great! The first thing I told her was that she had to keep talking to me during the massage. I have had others that are silent and its just uncomfortable, for me, anyways. I was up all night long the night before with a sick kid and was operating on zero sleep so my biggest fear was that I would fall asleep during the massage and not have a chance to enjoy it. I made it very clear to Gretchen that I needed to be awake and enjoy every minute of my 80 minute massage. After all, I have waited two years to get a professional massage so I was bound and determined to enjoy the experience.

During the massage Gretchen gave me lots of great tips that I could implement at home for easing muscle pain. She showed me some stretches that I could do with the help of my husband too. I will admit that because my muscles were so tight not all of my massage was enjoyable. Gretchen had to work hard at loosening them up so at times it was quite painful. But the good kind of pain, like after you work out and your muscles are sore the next day type of painful. I didn't realize that all of the muscles in your low back area are tied right into the muscles surrounding your head and neck, so if one area is having problems the other will too. This totally explains why my neck and shoulders hurt so much all the time, which is all the more reason to get regular massages if you ask me. I would love to get to a point where they are not in such bad shape.

The 80 minutes flew on by and before I knew it my massage was over. I had such a good time talking with Gretchen and I knew that after my experience I would definitely be back. Once I was all dressed it came time to check out and use my 10% off coupon. For an introductory 1.5 hour massage the normal cost is $57 plus tax, so about $61.84, which in itself is a fantastic deal. My price total after taxes and the Juicy Rewards Discount was $51.34, a savings of over $10! Which is great because I was able to use that $10 towards my tip for Gretchen, because just like any spa service you receive a tip is a customary thank you. I was so pleased with my experience that I made one more appointment for another one hour massage at a rate of only $39 in two weeks. I also decided that after that appointment I will sign up for the monthly massage membership and treat myself once a month. This hard working mom deserves it - don't you?

Anyways, going to Massage Envy would probably still be on my "To Do" list had it not been for the added discount offered by Tropicana's Juicy Rewards. I am so glad that I was able to receive a discount for something that I have been longing to do for quite sometime.

I am urging you to check out Tropicana and their Juicy Rewards for yourself. See what is available in your area and get some great discounts for things that you may all ready purchase. There is nothing I like better than getting a discount for something that I would have bought even if there wasn't a discount available. Read below to learn how to start collecting points now.

Start collecting points now!

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*This one-time use code is valid for new accounts ONLY. Must be entered within 6 hours of creating your account.

*I share my 100% honest thoughts and opinions in all posts. I am working in conjunction with Tropicana and theMotherhood on the Juicy Insider Campaign. I have received free Reward points and were provided cash to use in connection with redemption of the points for the sole purpose of writing an honest review. Please refer to my disclosure policy or email me if you have any questions.*


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