Video Thursday - Check Tammy's Two Cents Supah's Survivor Video! - I'm in it - not really


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Okay so I'm not in Tammy's video - but she is my next door neighbor so my car and my garbage can are! Her Survivor challenge this week was to scare someone and I loved the video she made trying to scare her kids when they came home from school. I don't want to spoil it so you should watch it. It was funny when Oscar and I were watching it because we all we notice in the one shot before the bus is that we are the only one on the street with our garbage can out. I was just telling Tammy that morning after the kids went to school that I am the only one that leaves it out until my husband comes home. Yup, I don't touch nasty garbage cans - or recycle containers either. That's how I roll. I figure I wash my hands enough between taking care of three kids all day and cleaning up after them, do I really need yet another reason to dry out my poor little hands? Besides, call me sexist but the garbage is a man's job. I know, Betty Friedan is rolling over in her grave.

Anyways, enjoy Tammy's video challenge and then head over and check out all the other "scares" for Supah's Survivor challenge


Tammy said…
Look you don't have any comments on my silly video! lol!

Nice garbage can by the!