Video Thursday - The Marriage Ref


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I started watching this new show on NBC called The Marriage Ref. It is soooo damn funny! Jerry Seinfeld is a genius for creating this show. There is nothing funnier than watching real life husband and wife couples argue about silly stuff. Each marriage is different thus the arguments are too. What makes it work is that there are celebrity guests on the panel that weigh out the pros and cons of the argument for the husband or the wife. They vote and then the Ref will decide who wins the argument, the husband or the wife. I think that I am going to apply for this show - I'm pretty sure that Oscar and I have some great arguments that need a referee.

I laughed my ass off watching it, so just in case you missed the first two episodes I have them here for you to watch. I would love to know what you think about this show!


I haven't caught this show yet, but it looks like a blast. Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin and Madonna? How can they go wrong! Thanks for the link, I'll definitely be checking it out!
Anonymous said…
I love this show. My husband came home from work earlier just to get something and he asked what i was watching. He ended up staying to watch one whole episode of this. It happenes to be on tonight yay so Mike and I are going to start watching it every week. I loved it. thanks for the insight to this fun show.
Tammy said…
I really want to watch it but I can never stay up and Joe from 20 to life got me hooked on a book and I am reading at night now. I will have to watch your videos (when I can find