Video Thursday - My Favorite Eighties Kids Shows


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My boys love to watch all the cool kid shows on Nick, Disney and the Cartoon Network. I have so much iCarly, Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place and Brain Surge - just to name a few - shoved in my face all the time that it got me thinking about what I always made my parents watch when I was a kid. So, I gathered some clips from my all time favorite eighties shows and put them all here. Please tell me that you remember these shows! I loved them!

You Can't Do That On Television
I loved this show! I saw every single one. I watched it for years. I think that it was the only thing the Nickelodeon had going for them at the time. This show is where "getting slimed" became part of pop culture.

"Not the Mama!" This show wasn't on for very long but it sure did make a lasting impression. Is it weird that I think my husband's older brother has a face that looks like the baby's? I have thought that since the day I met him.

Punky Brewster
Punky Power! Punky Brewster was my all time favorite!!!! I loved this episode cause the fashions the sixth graders wore was exactly what I was wearing. The charm necklaces, the big hair and bangs, the leggings with baggy tops, and the icing on the cake was the hair clip. The girl on the end with the red shirt and blue leggings is me to a tee! Not now, then. I rocked that look forever. I remember having clubs too - you weren't cool unless you had a club.

Double Dare
This game show was the first one that put Nick on the map. It was all about the Physical Challenges. I loved Family Double Dare too, the dorky parents were awesome.


Shell said…
Oh, I loved these shows. Punky Brewster was my fav- I so dressed like that!

I wasn't a huge fan of You Can't Do that on Tv, but love the rest of your list!
blueviolet said…
I have to admit that I loved Double Dare! That's the only one of those I really, really liked!
Cascia said…
I used to watch all those same shows! This really takes me back to my childhood! Good luck with your new meme.

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Have a totally awesome Thursday!
Anonymous said…
aah yes i remember these shows. and we also have icarly, drake and josh and a ton of other shows in this house. the kids are obsessed. thanks for sharing. im off to post my video.
Messy Mommy said…
I loved Dinosaurs and Double Dare. I wanted to be on Double Dare so bad. :)