Aloha Friday - Family Portrait

12:00 AM Posted by Kimberly@PrettyPinkMomma

Aloha Fridays are brought to you by Kailani from An Island Life. Over there in Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that they take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So Kailani thought that on Fridays she would take it easy on posting, too. So, for Aloha Friday, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Answer my question and put one of your own up on your blog. Link up and check out other blogs that participate at An Island Life.

How often to do you take a family portrait?

We would like to get them done annually but it seems that we only do it about every two years. We just has ours taken yesterday. It was like Chinese torture to get a good family shot. Emilio cried about 90% of the time because he was pissed that he wasn't able to play with the toys in the waiting area. We had to coax him into a partial smile - once. Benji was horrible in the studio and nearly took out the background at least five times. Which totally freaked out the photographer. Oscar did all of his fighting with us before the appointment because we wanted him to wear jeans in the picture and he absolutely can't stand wearing jeans. All in all, we only ended up with one decent shot of the whole fam and a few great shots of Oscar and Benji together. We did manage to get one semi smile picture of Emilio too. Not bad, but I really wanted one of all three boys together which was impossible because Emilio refused to cooperate.
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  1. Michelle said...

    Ouch. The last (nice looking) family photo was taken before the youngest was born. He's two now. And obviously he's not in any family portraits.

  2. The Social Frog said...

    Well with my parents and siblings it was almost 10 years ago.

  3. Alicia said...

    Oh my gosh, can you believe we have never done a professional portrait done? But, there is a man who is a photographer at church, and I may ask him to do ours!!

    Are you going to share yours on your blog????

  4. Design it Chic said...

    my family is relatively small.. it's just me and my husband for now.. but i guess with kids we'll have one once a year:) this way we can document their growth and us getting old:P

  5. Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

    The last time we had a family portrait done was when Princess Nagger was 4...I've been wanting to get an updated one, but it's like pulling teeth to get the hubby in front of a camera! :)

  6. shopannies said...

    we have never had a professional family photo but lots and lots of unprofessional photos

  7. TXsunlover said...

    We've got lots of family photos and we usually get a bunch of really good shots of the entire bunch every holiday season, but we've never paid a professional to take the photos. It's just not in our budget.

  8. Auntie E said...

    We haven't for years. I know we should more often. maybe this year.
    My Aloha Friday Link for you

  9. TheAngelForever said...

    When our oldest was little we would hop into his portrait session for a group shot. When our little guy was just over one we did our first full family shot and now try it at least once a year.

  10. I am Harriet said...'s been years. Guess we only have one taken when we are at an event or something together.

    Have a great Friday!

  11. Shell said...

    Can't wait to see yours! We had one done in September. We'll probably get our next one done next summer.

  12. pam said...

    We haven't done one in three years..we are due.

  13. Rach said...

    Funnilly you should ask, I was thinking about getting onme done for my dad's birthday in august. We don't have a proper photo of us all together, we just have random photos

  14. Becca said...

    We have never taken a family portrait. I took one with my cousins once tho!

  15. Lori said...

    Twice a year - at Christmas (for Christmas cards) and on my son's birthday.

  16. Carrie said...

    our first family portrait will be next month

  17. JDaniel4's Mom said...

    We took one last year and haven't done it this year.

  18. Tammy said...

    Remind me to show you the pic of our family...classic!

  19. Cathi said...

    Not often enough! It's been years.
    Happy Aloha Friday!

  20. Whimsical Creations said...

    Once a year before Christmas.

  21. Pamela M. Kramer said...

    When we get the chance. The last time was nearly 2 years ago.

  22. Twincerely,Olga said...

    we just had some pics taken at the park!!They turned out wonderful but only a few together(pur twins r 20 months)!!!:)
    I want to try for once a year!!I never did with my now grown children and i so wish that I did!!!AloHa

  23. Lee-Ann said...

    Ugh family pictures are so hard. We usually do a casual family shot when we go somewhere exciting about every 6 months or so. :)

  24. Eden Reflections Photography said...

    As a photographer, you'd think we would get ours taken pretty frequently, but I think the last one we did was about three years ago... and it was probably about 5 years before that when we had the previous one.

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