Did You Know.... That I Write Articles for Busy Mommy Media?

Did you know that recently I started writing beauty articles for Busy Mommy Media?

Busy Mommy Media is run by a Busy Mommy named Rachel. She herself has written a ton of great articles so I am pleased to be a part of her team of editors.

Please check out my latest article that features my top ten beauty product suggestions that will keep you beautiful all Spring and Summer long. I would love to hear your thoughts!


blueviolet said…
Fabulous!!! You rock!!!
Dang! Is there nothing you CAN'T do? Rock on!
Annie said…

Have a good day.
Anonymous said…
Girl, how do you have the TIME for all this?? Seriously. You need to school me. I have no giveaways, no PR people to please, and my house is a wreck and Im always totally BEHIND!
Jenn said…
That is so cool! I enjoying blog writing! =)
Tammy always tells me about the happening over here... I need to visit you myself!! =)
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