Medical Alert Pendants - Let's Bling Them Out for Grandma!!

I have written a lot about jewelry, so I thought that it would be fun to mix it up a bit and turn my attention to the senior crowd for a minute. I don't know anyone, that is at least 25 years old, that hasn't heard the classic line, "Help! I've fallen, and I can't get up!". One thing that was certain, if you fell in any way shape or form that television commercial came flashing into your mind. I think that those of my generation will forever link medical alarms to that ridiculous commercial. The product itself is actually ingenious but its just the presentation in that commercial that makes us all cringe inside when we think about actually ever needing to purchase a medical alarm.

Today's personal medical alarms have come a long way from those that came on the scene twenty years ago. Today seniors can rest easy knowing that their pendant is waterproof, has a range of 1000 feet and it can even answer incoming phone calls with it! One thing most definitely hasn't changed though. They are so unattractive! I know, I know, the purpose of a medical alert pendant isn't to be attractive but functional. I say why not both? Who is gonna come out with a bling-ed out medical alert pendant? I think that the key to getting more senior women to wear one of these pendants is to turn it into an actual fashion accessory that compliments their wardrobe. So that instead of screaming "I'm old and frail" it would say, "Not only am I safe but stylish!".

What do you think? Am I way off base with this one?

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Melissa B. said…
Sounds like a new market is fixin' to open. But you should hurry up and get a patent...never know who'd want to copy your good idea, huh?
Lifefone said…
Thanks for the post Kimberly! Lifefone is having a sweepstakes for a full year of medical alarm service to REALLY bling out grandma! To enter, "Like" us on Facebook at and then email us at to tell us why you or your loved one should win. Drawing will be held on 12/23.
Anonymous said…
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Glad to read this post. With the passing years of our seniors, the need for that extra help and support can become necessary. But we may not be in a situation to look after them each and every second. In such a concept, getting an elderly pendant will be surely helpful to monitor them. It brings the help right at the moment they need it.
Gloria Frost said…
Medical alert systems not only provide protection but they look like necklace of your neck. These are a true medical achievements done in this century. I have recently gifted a medical alert bracelet to my mother. She wears it all the time.