Saying Goodbye to Video Thursday


I have had a lot of fun doing Video Thursday over the last year but the time has come for me to end my Video Thursday reign. The sad truth is that I just don't seem to have enough time to continue with it, at least in a scheduled way. The way my life has been lately it is just one more thing to try to cram into my weekly schedule. I started doing it for fun, not as a chore. Now that it feels more like a chore I think its time to say goodbye.

Now I still plan on sharing hilarious video clips and things that I find amusing it just won't have any rhythm to it. It will be as it comes and when I feel like it instead of pigeonholed into Thursday.

I want to say thanks to anyone who participated in Video Thursday. Whenever any of my bloggy buds participated or commented, please know that it made my day. Its really nice to have some sort of recognition for the things that you do and for me people enjoying what I played and then in turn sharing their videos with me made it all worthwhile.

So here is the very last video that will be filed under Video Thursday. A little comedy - old school style. This one's for you Alicia!


hale2005 said…
Thanks for taking the time to do video thursday's.