Check Out this Awesome Land and Water Morphibians Gator Remote Control Toy - Growing Tree Toys Review

A few months ago I came across this awesome toy company called Growing Tree Toys. They have been selling the coolest educational toys from their actual brick and mortar store in Pennsylvania for the last 25 years, and in 2003 they set up shop online as well so that everyone could enjoy their awesome selection of toys.

Growing Tree Toys features a carefully chosen, well-rounded toy selection, unique product details and descriptions, great information on play, helpful suggestions for gift givers, the best gift finder available, and so much more, prides themselves on truly being a specialty toy website with the health and happiness of children at heart.

Being a review blogger you can imagine how excited I was to see that Growing Tree Toys has a Blog Sponsorship Program. They have a blog of their own and love to read toy blogs and other great mommy blogs. I filled the application out and once I was approved I was able to select a toy to review from a list of pre-approved review options.

I chose to select the Morphibians Gator Remote Control Toy for my boys. It ended up being one of the toys that we gave to Benji for his 5th birthday. Doesn't it look awesome?

Product Information

From Kid Galaxy Toys

Item # 10126 KG

Price: $29.95

Recommended Age: 5 years and up


From the depths of the sea, up comes the Kid Galaxy Toys Morphibians Gator Remote Control Toy – land and water fun all in one! The Morphibians Gator is the powerful, 4 wheel drive remote control car that looks like an alligator with a cool new metallic skin as it drives through ponds and pools, but this Morphibians Gator can drive onto land to “eat up” anything in its way! With a fully functional radio control, the Morphibians Gator Remote Control Toy now also features headlights that help light the way, making this remote control toy ready to perform anywhere. Get ready to drive this green gator machine wherever you can dream! Morphibians Gator from Kid Galaxy Toys operates at 27MHz. Requires 3 "AA" batteries and 2 "AAA" batteries, not included.

* Remote control vehicle that features 4-wheel drive, headlights, and a fully functioning radio control
* Land and water toy
* Operates at 27 MHz
* Requires 3 “AA” batteries and 2 “AAA” batteries, not included

The Review

I have three boys and remote controlled anything is always a huge hit. The power, the control - its so enthrolling! The Morphibians Gator Remote Control Toy was no exception. The fact that it could not only roll around on land but float in the water like a remote controlled boat made it that much cooler. My boys love playing with this toy. I would definitely recommend buying this for any little boy, or girl, for that matter. Not only did my kids have a blast seeing if it floated in water but it also had some of our neighbors curious as well. Because I feel that a review on this toy wouldn't be complete without you seeing it in action I have put together a short video of what the Morphibians Gator Remote Control Toy can do. Special thanks of course goes to my husband who filmed all the fun as the boys explored our neighborhood storm pond!

See how cool it is? Definitely a fun and easy way to spend a summer afternoon. For more fun and exciting educational toys be sure to check out

*I share my 100% honest thoughts and opinions in all posts. This product was provided as a courtesy of Growing Tree Toys for me to review. For this product review I was only compensated in product for the sole purpose of writing an honest review. Please refer to my disclosure policy or email me if you have any questions.*