EEK! I Found My First Gray Hair!!!

So on Saturday night I was getting ready to go out to dinner with Oscar and I was doing my last minute mirror check before our night without the kids. To my surprise, I found my first gray hair! I couldn't believe what I was looking at! I called Oscar in to verify that I wasn't seeing things - and sure enough - I was right.

My very first gray hair.

I wasn't sure how to feel about this. I mean, I'm thirty years old and I have many friends that are my age that got their first gray hairs years ago. Oscar has had gray hair since his early twenties but you can hardly see them mixed in with all of his thick black hair.

But this was me. My gray hair.

Then I was left with only one decision, one that I didn't think would be so difficult.

Should I pluck it or let it stay?

I thought that when this day came that I would automatically, without hesitation, choose to pluck that sucker.

But I started thinking to myself that this was a new milestone. Even a right of passage. I earned this one gray hair.

Not to mention there's that small little fact that I am slowly losing all of my hair, how could I even think to pluck one out on purpose! If it looked good I would be trying to super glue or staple any hairs that all ready fell out back on my head.

So in the end I decided to keep my lone gray hair. It falls in really nicely with the rest of my bangs. I'm hoping that one day I can get the whole Glenn Close Cruella Deville 'do going on. How cool would that be to have all of my bangs gray?

If you all ready had this happen to you, I'm curious, what did you do? Keep it or pluck it?


Anonymous said…
Oh I found one. I called it some dirty names, plucked that sucker and promptly got teary. It was a sad day.
sheila said…
lol, for the last 5 years I've had just 3 gray hairs right at my hairline where I part my hair. WEIRD. I pluck them out and eventually they return. Then I pluck them again.

Pull them suckers out! ha ha ha
blueviolet said…
I plucked that first sucker and the next 3000! Finally, I just couldn't keep up and had to start getting it colored.
dor said…
When I had my 30th birthday, a little girl I was babysitting pointed out my first gray hair. I cried. It was very strange because I don't just cry especially in front of people. Oh, to be a women. It's just hair and in our advanced world, there is much out there to take care of it. hee
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bayctygrl said…
I'm a natural blond so I don't get gray hair do I? I haven't noticed any yet. But I did see a real dark hair and ripped it out. haha

Now if you do a post about hairs popping up in weird places, I can relate
Tammy said…
Definately plucked it! But now there are too many so I just highlight the heck out of my hair!
Shellie said…
What did I do? I went to the professionals-Clairol- and I haven't looked back.
Some Lucky Dog said…
Being blonde, I pluck out the real dark ones I find around my hairline! I started seeing a little gray a few months ago, but it was a good darkr roots don't show as much and I don' have to color as often! Fooled Mother Nature!
My mother started running the comb through my hair when I was four and she was coloring her hair and I haven't seen my own hair since so it's doubtful I'll ever find a gray up top but I found a gray hair in my brows and I freaked out!
I also wanted to say THANK YOU for your support. If you ever need anything, email me!
Becca said…
I haven't found a gray hair yet. But I'm old enough that I have started looking for them, especially because my sister, who is 7 years younger than me, has already had her first!