Find the Best Birthday Decorations at Birthday Party Express - Review

On April 1st, Benji turned 5! Officially a becoming a big boy was a huge deal, for him and for us. We planned a party for him at Charlie Safari's, a local family fun center. They have an arcade, a gigantic monster jungle gym - like five times the size of the McDonalds one, three different bounce houses, mini golf, lazer tag - you name it, they've got it! It was a huge deal not only because he was turning five but it was his first party that he was able to invite friends he made at school. He wanted to show his friends a good time too.

Even though Charlie Safari's is jungle themed I wanted Benji to pick out his own theme. Each year I let the boys pick out the theme of their parties so I know which decorated cake to buy as well as which matching party supplies and goody bags. This year Benji chose the Disney Cars theme. I was happy because I knew that finding supplies and a cake would be pretty simple seeing as it is one theme that is wildly popular.

Thankfully I was invited just a few weeks before the party date to participate in a blog tour for Birthday Party Express through Mom Bloggers Club. I was able to choose $75 worth of party goods for Benji's birthday party. Obviously I was super excited!!

These are the items that I chose:

  • 10 Disney Cars Party Favor Boxes @ $4.99 each - Item# 157901
  • 1 Disney's World of Cars Mylar Balloon @ $2.49 - Item# 158127, Product ID# 36956
  • 1 Disney Cars Removable Wall Decorations @ $14.99 - Item# 171537, Product ID# 58056
  • 7 Checkered Flags 2 pack @ $1.20 each - Item# 173904

I have known about Birthday Party Express forever but for some reason I always forget about them when it comes time shop for the party. I usually end up going to my local party store and end up frustrated because they don't ever seem to have what I'm looking for. Birthday Party Express has tons and tons of themes to choose from that are not readily available at my local party supply store. I was super excited to find out that they even have a Mario Brothers theme because I know that Oscar will love that for his party in a few months. This time I won't forget!!

Once I placed my order my items arrived within the week - super fast! I couldn't wait to check the stuff out. I adored those boxes for goodies and was interested to see everything that was included. I knew that one of the items in the favor boxes was not available and would be subsituted for a racing game. Which I thought was cooler than the original item but I wanted to see for myself.

This is what was included in the goody boxes that I received:

As you can see, the trophy looks different than the original picture from the site. This trophy looks a little cooler but I found that it falls apart pretty easily. The trophy part comes off of the base with a tug. Personally, that didn't bother me because I think that most goody bag items aren't made to last. I know that when my kids get this stuff I pray for it to break just so I can get rid of it and they will be okay with it!

The only thing that I was upset about with this set was the mini electronic game. I thought that this was a cool addition to the goodies but as it turned out I wasn't able to include any of them in the boxes. Unfortunately majority of them didn't work. The batteries that were included in the pack for them were old and corroded. I didn't have the time or the funds to go out and purchase a gajillion little special batteries before the party so that these things could work. Which is why I decided to keep them out of the goody boxes. I was pretty disappointed with that aspect but overall I loved the boxes and I had more than enough stuff that I was adding to the boxes that would make up for the loss. Besides, the kids that were receiving them had no idea that it was even missing. I decided to hang on to the electronic games for the next party that I have. Knowing ahead of time that I need to get the batteries for them it will be easy to add them in.

Here is a picture of Benji and few of his guest enjoying their goodies

To add to the Disney Cars theme and take away from the Jungle theme going on in the room all ready I ordered some Disney Cars Removable Wall Decorations. Both my husband and I loved these! I added them to one of the walls in the party room to add to the celebratory decor. The best part is that they were easily removed and Benji is so excited that they get to go up on the walls in his room. All though I think his dad is even more excited than he is!

The Disney Cars Wall Stickers up on the wall at the party

All in all, I was really pleased with what I received from Birthday Party Express. I think that they have an extensive selection of themes, party favors and decor. I will definitely be purchasing from them in the future. With three kids I throw birthday parties every few months so it's always nice to have some place to look and get ideas for parties. Go check 'em out!

*Thanks to Mom Bloggers Club for including me in the Birthday Party Express blog tour. I share my 100% honest thoughts and opinions in all posts. For this product review I was only compensated in product for the sole purpose of writing an honest review. Please refer to my disclosure policy or email me if you have any questions.*


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Birthday Party Express is awesome. I always use them for my kids' birthday parties. Looks like your party was a hit!

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