Happy Mother's Day!!

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I really wanted to write a heartfelt post about motherhood, but like a true mom - I am way too tired for that!

Benji was sick this entire last week, from Saturday night until he finally felt better yesterday. He had earaches and fevers all week long and like most children when they are sick, he wanted his mommy. I lovingly obliged and had no other choice but to comfort my sick child. Its what moms do best. It took a huge toll on my blog and the posting schedule but what can you do? He comes first. All my kids come before my blog. I admit, sometimes I wish that they didn't and that I could get through one measly little post without constant interruption, but by now I have realized that is simply an impossibility.

Anyhow, Benji being sick all week was compacted by the fact that Emilio decided that every single day this last week that he was bound and determined to wake up at 6 in the friggin' morning! The very same time that his Daddy is getting ready for work. Seeing what Daddy is doing is way more enticing than laying down with his tired Mommy who has been up all night with his big bro Benji. On average I think that I got about four hours each night.

I am way beyond tired. My mommy duties have pooped me out this week! On top of that I feel so horrible because I didn't accomplish one damn thing that was on my To Do list. Such is the price of motherhood. I was forced to set aside what had to be done for what needed to be done.

All though I am exhausted, I have to admit that there is nothing better than the gift of knowing that you make a difference in the lives of your children. Sure they made my week miserable and sleepless I won't deny it. But I think that all moms would agree that nothing compares to the feeling that you get when that small voice says, "I want my mommy". Its all worth it and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I live for knowing that I and I alone can make them feel better with just one kiss.

This kiss is irreplaceable. Its not the same to them if Daddy kisses them or Grandma, it has to be Mommy. Mommy is the only one that can make the pain go away with just a hug and a kiss. I love that.

Today I am spending my morning sleeping in! A rarity for me. Like a kid waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve I can't wait to see what my boys bring me tomorrow morning when I wake up. Each of them brought home gifts that they made at school this week and hid them so I wouldn't see them until "the big day". How great is it that they are excited to give me a special gift that they made? Those gifts are my favorites because they are so unique and I know how hard they work on making things just perfect for me. Oscar's gift to me is a tiny bit more special to me this year only because his Daddy volunteered at school that week and helped him make it for me. A cute project that they collaborated on just for me. Obviously I think we all know what my Wordless Wednesday is going to be!

I am going to be the laziest mom that you have ever seen today! The one day that I can lay on the couch and do nothing, while my husband takes care of everything. I am definitely milking this day for all that it is worth! After all, for me days like these, only come around ONCE a year!!!

Happy Mother's Day


blueviolet said…
A lazy day sounds absolutely perfect!
Alicia said…
I know what you mean. My three youngest were sick, and all they wanted was me. I can totally relate to what you were saying. I hope you were able to get the rest you needed today!!
The Blue Zoo said…
Oh, you poor thing! I hope the kids are feeling better, and you too! Take a nap if you can.

I got to be lazy today, it was pretty nice!

I really hope you dont get sick too!!