Keeping My Fingers Crossed....

As some of you may remember awhile back I posted about my thinning hair and scalp issues. I had some biopsies done that didn't really tell me a whole lot about my problem other than I didn't have cancer or lupus. Which is a good thing but didn't help me figure out why in the hell I have this unexplained hair loss.

I always knew that I was destined for baldness. My mother has thin hair and my grandmother by the time she died had extremely thin whisps of hair. I just figured that it wouldn't happen to me until I was a senior citizen. I have always had really thin hair but in recent years, and months especially, it has gone crazy. What once was my thin but full looking head of hair has now withered away. It has been a slow and gradual fall out. One day I looked in the mirror and thought to myself, what the hell happened here?

I am now extremely self conscious about my hair, especially in the front. In certain lighting it looks like my scalp is shining through the hairs that I have left to cover it, just highlighting my most embarrassing issue. I finally have had enough of it and I am determined to find a way to grow my hair back in. If its at all possible.

Yesterday I visited the dermatologist and she did two more biopsies. She told me that these two biopsies will most certainly give me the definitive answers that I am looking for. The problem is, I may not be ready to hear the answer.

There are two possibilities, some type of infection that they can treat and once treated the hair will most likely grow back or a special kind of scarring hair loss. Scarring hair loss would be the worst possible outcome because as you know, hair does not grow out of scars. If this turns out to be the case I know that I will be devastated. I never imagined myself as the type to need a wig or anything like that but you can bet that I totally would start investing if I lost all my hair. All my days spent watching the Wendy Williams Show are about to pay off big time.

As for today I am taking a break. My head is hurting way too much from the biopsies. Its a constant throbbing on the back of my head that refuses to stop. I am hoping that it will feel better soon. I am too afraid to even comb my hair for fear of snagging my wounds.

I should be getting the biopsy results back in about a week or so. Keeping my fingers crossed that what I have is a treatable scalp disease instead of a permanent hair loss situation. Either way I will have an answer soon and that in itself will bring some relief to my situation.

Thanks to all my friends that are supporting me through this. Your well wishes make me feel so much better, and I am so appreciative for that.



Anonymous said…
Awwwwwwwww... Just think of all the fun you can have with wigs. =)

Seriously though, I will cry with you if you lose all your hair.
Keeping you in my prayers!
Tammy said…
Hang in there you need me to bring you some hard alchohol or beer to help numb your! I hope you find out good news! You know I am rooting for you (no pun intended)!
dor said…
You are in my thoughts and prayers, sweetie.
Some Lucky Dog said…
Hoping you get the best news!