Thank You Very Much!

The Daily Dribbles

This week I'm joining in on Kmama's from the Daily Dribbles Thank You Very Much! meme. I have always wanted to link up to this fun and sarcastic way to vent frustrations of the week. Believe me, I've got plenty!

  • To my husband for having to go out of town when I absolutely hate being by myself, even if its just for one night, thank you very much!
  • To the huge wind storm that caused the power to go out for eleven hours on the one and only night that my husband was out of town, thank you very much!
  • To my little Emilio for throwing a ball at my desk while I was trying to actually get some work done and then knocking my coke all over my desk, thank you very much!
  • To the strange and anonymous scalp disease that is causing yet more hair loss for no apparent reason, thank you very much!
  • To little Oscar who cries everytime he drops his ginormous stack of Pokemon cards, yet refuses to keep it bound with a rubberband, then demands that I clean up his mess, thank you very much!
  • Oh yeah, lets not forget those who created Pokemon - thank YOU very much!
  • To the kitchen counter, what the hell? Why is it that as soon as I start to see you underneath all of that schoolwork, newspaper ads and other miscellaneous crap you get completely covered up again! Thank you very much!
  • To my little shark vacuum, why did your handle break completely off? You know that I hate to drag out the huge Dyson to pick up the thousands of mini spills that occur on the floor all day long, now I just let the crumbs and ground in goldfish crackers sit that much longer until I get around to vacuuming, thank you very much!

Well, I know I have more but that's all I can think of right now. The lack of sleep is melting my brain. - Thank you very much!! Guess I had one more in me!

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Anonymous said…
I cant see my counter either. I dont know what the hell happened to it. The table is starting to disappear too. And the chairs cause everyone in this house seems to think that a chair and a coat closet are the same thing.
JDaniel4's Mom said…
Wow! The storm sound like it was really bad.
Kmama said…
Thanks for linking up!! Speaking of hubby's being out of town, mine is leaving for today and won't be back until around 6 on Sunday. ON MOTHER'S DAY. So I'm a single parent. And so help me, if any sort of emergency occurs while he's gone, well, he might just not want to come home! LOL

Thank you for linking up!!!
blueviolet said…
I can't believe your shark vacuum broke! What the heck???!!! I also can't believe you won't enjoy that one day alone!!!! You need a friend to come over and keep ya company. ME!
Morgan said…
Sorry your husband had to go out of town I totally understand being alone and hating it. Also I can totally relate to the kitchen counter except mine is our breakfast bar. Its never fully cleared off for more that two hours lol