True Story Tuesday - The Funniest Reason for Getting Fired That I Have Ever Heard!!

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I can honestly say that I have never been fired from any company that I have ever worked for. I've quit, but never been fired. I know that there are a myriad of reasons that someone can get fired but my husband told me the funniest one that I have ever heard of today. It was so hilarious that I just had to share it.

Oscar works and I both work in the auto industry, most of which is male dominated. His company in particular has really trying to hire female employees in an effort to be seen more as an equal opportunity employer. Hiring women has always been an issue because quite simply there just aren't a ton of women that want to do hard, labor intensive work. I know I certainly don't!

Awhile back a group of ladies sued Oscar's company for sexual discrimination. And they just recently settled out court. Needless to say his company is super sensitive about how the men in management and those below treat their female coworkers.

So, here is where the story gets a little juicy. One of the Assistant Managers at a store other my husband's got fired. Of course everyone was curious as to why. What could this guy have possibly done to risk his entire career and his family's financial future?

All we knew then was that it had to do with a female coworker and that is was harassment related. Obviously we're thinking he hit on her, made a lude comment or some jackass thing.

Today we learned what really happened. I about died on the floor laughing when I found out. Imagine your husband getting fired for this:

Two coworkers are sitting in the breakroom, having lunch. One is the male Asst. Manager, the other is the female coworker.

For some reason or another the Asst. Manager stands up and does a booty shake in front of the female coworker and then...


He proceeds to tell her that next time he's going to charge her for it - insinuating that he was giving her a lap dance.

Now the female coworker laughs it off. But unbeknownst to the two cracking up in the break room, somebody else was watching. Somebody that knew this could be considered a violation of ethics.

That person called the HR Ethics hot line and told them what they saw. Next thing you know, this Asst. Manager is getting fired for doing the booty shake and farting in front of a female coworker.

Okay, so its not funny that the guy got fired - even if he was a total deuchebag. In fact, being a total deuchebag contributed to the phone call. He rubbed many of his coworkers the wrong way and all them were looking for a way to get him fired. Finally an opportunity presented itself.

I wonder how the conversation went when he was fired. They actually had to tell him that doing a booty shake, farting and exclaiming that he was going to charge her for it was apparently unacceptable behavior. Oscar felt the firing was justified because you shouldn't act that way in front of your subordinates or any coworker.

All I can say is, what an idiot!

Either way, I bet that conversation didn't go to well with his wife when he had to explain how he lost his job. Even though the guy is a total ass, figuratively and literally, that is a hard thing to explain away to your family.

"Uh, honey, I got fired today because I shook my ass and then farted in the direction of a girl in the break room. Oh and by the way I told her next time I was going to charge her for it."

Yup - he's a keeper!


Alicia said…
Oh my gosh, your last paragraph made me crack up!! I'm sure his wife is p.o'd!!!!!!!!!!!!
sheila said…
OMG, that stinks! (ba-dum-dum....) lol. Ha, that's crazy!
JDaniel4's Mom said…
I am so glad I married the man I did!
Heather said…
I am going to have my sons read this to explain why I keep attempting to teach them some manners.
As of right now I can totally see one of them getting fired for this. (Other than the lap dance reference.)
Beth said…
Great True Story! Scary what some people think is appropriate behavior but I almost think it's scarier that a joke can get you fired! It's easy to say things than can be misinterpreted! I think that was a little extreme though!
Eve said…
HAHAHAH... oh my gosh, that's hilarious and horrible, all at the same time!! :)
I think my friend is married to this guy...
Rachel said…
oh no way!!!

I cannot imagine that happening, much less having to explain it to your family!!!

Thanks for linking up - this was hilarious!
Romapr said…
That is the craziest firing story I've ever heard!:D
Kimbuckjr said…
Oh my gosh, you are hilarious! Haa-haa-haa! I love your 'play-by-play' of the conversation with the FORMER Asst. Manager and his wife when he's telling her why he was fired. That's good stuff man, you're funny! hee-hee-hee! Basically, dude was fired because he farted and shook it off.
Thank you for sharing that story, I really needed that!