Wordless/Wordful Wednesday -Handmade Mother's Day Gifts

These are my Mother's Day Gifts that my oldest sons made me at school. Obviously I love anything that they make for me. I thought that they both did a great job!

This one is from Oscar, a lovely place to put some handpicked flowers. He knows his mommy has a black thumb so flowers made from tissue are very appropriate.

This one is from Benji, I love this very unique light switch cover!

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Anonymous said…
Aw, so sweet! The light switch cover is a really cool idea!
I am Harriet said…
That's so precious!

Have a great day!
That's fantastic! I loved the stuff my boys make me. It's so sweet! I'm going to have a closet full of stuff to show them then they're 30 and can appreciate their creative genius.
Run DMT said…
What precious gifts!
How sweet! Love children's handmade gifts.
Judy said…
Those are adorable! What creative gifts to have kids make! I love the switchplate cover.
Annie said…
Awww, so sweet!!!
Brenda said…
Such sweet presents from your children. cherish them.
Aw, so sweet!! Handmade is the best, especially from our kids. =)