Aquafresh Mom Works Beyond Winners!

First of all, I want to personally thank each and every entrant that shared their reason that they go above and beyond as a mom. Some comments had me in tears, some in smiles and some had me laughing hysterically. Many of you that entered visit Pretty Pink Momma regularly, and it was so nice for me to learn a little bit more about what amazing people you are and the joys and challenges that you have faced as a mother.

As stated in the giveaway two winners were chosen at random. I am so glad that it was random because if I was left to do the choosing I would want to give something to everyone!

And the winners are.....

cdziuba said...

My Mom Challenge was overcoming the fear of losing another child, and going on to get pregnant again. Our second daughter was stillborn, full-term, and while I knew that having another child would be somewhat helpful and healing, it was terrifying to think of going through another entire pregnancy, only to have it end it tragedy.

With the help of a support group, my husband, friends, and family, I went on to have three more children. Part of me wanted to never get pregnant again, and another part wanted more children. The challenge was overcoming the fear, so that I could do what I am best at, which is being a mother.

She will receive a coupon for Aquafresh ISO-Active Whitening toothpaste. In addition to the coupon she will be nominated by Pretty Pink Momma to be entered into the Grand Prize giveaway for the $500 Walmart shopping spree, a year's supply of Aquafresh product and her story shared on the Aquafresh Facebook page. The Aquafresh creative team will a choose a Grand Prize winner by July 7th.

Life Is A SandCastle
I was in the hospital having baby 2 and my 2year brought me a necklace from the gum ball machine, telling dad this is my mama’s present. It was the first time he had been separated from me at night and he was so happy to see me and gave me that little necklace. It means the most of all the jewelry I own. I had to endure being away from him.

My husband and I are their only caregivers, no day care, no stay with grandma etc. So I'm a mom that goes beyond, but I feel safer when I can be with them.

She will also receive a coupon for Aquafresh ISO-Active Whitening toothpaste as well as $50 Walmart Gift Card.